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Our Staff

The staff of the Pacific Northwest Conference Office, Greater Northwest Episcopal Office and the Northwest United Methodist Foundation are listed on this page. They are listed by department where applicable.

Greater Northwest Area Staff

Episcopal Office

Resourcing Staff

Cedrick D. Bridgeforth
Resident Bishop

Office: (206) 870-6810

Rhondalei Gabuat
Executive Assistant

Office: (206) 870-6810

Rev. Dr. Allen Buck
Director, Circle of Indigenous Ministries

Office: (503) 287-6526

GNW Innovation Vitality Team

Kristina Gonzalez

Kristina Gonzalez
Executive Director for Innovation and Vitality

Office: (206) 870-6809

Patrick Ferguson
Administrative Coordinator

Office: (206) 870-6802

Pacific Northwest Conference Staff

Office of Connectional Ministries

Rev. David Valera
Executive Director of Connectional Ministries

Office: (206) 870-6806

Rev. Cruz Edwin Santos
Director of Hispanic/Latinx Ministries

Cell: (407) 202-1052

Patrick Scriven
Director of Communications

Office: (206) 870-6808

Kathy Hogg

Kathy Hogg
Administrative Assistant for Connectional Ministries

Office: (206) 870-6834

Teri Tobey
Program Associate for Young People’s Ministries

Office: (206) 870-6822

Rev. Kathy Neary
Transitional Ministry Developer

Cell: (360) 334-1845

Ian Patrick McKnight
Manager, Regional Media Center

Office: (206) 870-6813

Tyrone Olds
Media Assistant and Print Room Manager

Office: (206) 870-6804

Alan Rogstad
Executive Director
Camp & Retreat Ministries

Office: (206) 870-6807

Treasurer’s Office

Brant Henshaw
Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services

Office: (206) 870-6832

Bruce Galvin
Conference Benefits Officer

Office: (206) 870-6819

Molly Gabel
Conference Chancellor & Legal Counsel

Liz Gough
Senior Accountant

Office: (206) 870-6817

Cathy Lang 
Clergy Benefits Receivables
Building Manager

Office: (206) 870-6816

Steffanie Taylor 

Office: (206) 870-6818

District Offices

Erin Tombaugh
District Administrator
Puget Sound, SeaTac

Office: (206) 870-6831

Stephanie Franklin
Board of Ordained Ministry Administrator

Office: (206) 870-6805

Rev. J. Mark Galang
District Superintendent
Puget Sound Missional District

Cell: (206) 802-5871

Rev. Daniel Miranda
District Superintendent
Inland & Seven Rivers Missional District

Rev. Sheila Miranda

Rev. Sheila Miranda
Assistant for Connectional Ministries – Inland & Seven Rivers Missional Districts

Rev. Derek Nakano
District Superintendent
SeaTac Missional District

Laura Velonza
District Administrator
Crest to Coast, Inland, and Seven Rivers

Cell: (206) 870-6814

Rev. Kathleen Weber
District Superintendent
Crest to Coast Missional District

Partner Organizations

Faith Foundation Northwest

Julia Frisbie
Executive Director

Office: (800) 488-4179

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