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Lay Servant Ministries

Growing in your faith

Lay Servant Ministries is one of the significant lay leadership development programs available within the United Methodist connection. Through this system of equipping and empowering, lay servants have the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who then go and make other disciples. Lay Servant ministries can be a significant component of any discipleship system providing training in Hospitality, Offer Christ, Purpose and Engagement.

Training opportunities for laity

All laity are invited and encouraged to participate in Lay Servant Ministry courses. We recommend the “Basic Course in Lay Servant Ministry” as a great place to start. This course is also required as a first step for anyone seeking certification as a lay servant, lay speaker, or lay minister.

Certifications for laity through Lay Servant Ministries

Laity who are interested in formalized training and certification for their ministry roles may consider certification through Lay Servant Ministries. There are four different certifications available. A person may seek to become a Certified Lay Servant, a Certified Lay Speaker, a Certified Lay Minister, or a Hispanic Certified Lay Minister.

Download this helpful chart summarizing three certifications and the steps required for each. Watch the video on this page to learn more.

Visit this web page to learn more about the Hispanic Lay Missioner program.

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