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Creation Care

Creation Care in the Pacific Northwest Conference means tending to the health of the environment, including all places where we live, work, play and pray. Creation care ministries extend into the full life of the church:

  • Worship: Connecting our praise of the God who chose to become present in the physical world with our own love for this world.
  • Education: Learning the Biblical, theological, and historical connections between faith and creation care, and understanding the theological implications of our current environmental crisis.
  • Mission: Recognizing the deep connections between creation care and historic concerns of the church including hunger, poverty, and justice, and ensuring that our relationship with the environment supports rather than undermines our missional work.
  • Financial Administration: Acknowledging that our values are vividly expressed by the ways in which we manage and spend our financial resources, and ensuring that our purchases and investments support the care of creation.
  • Building and Property Management: Caring for our physical assets in ways that enhance the flourishing of God’s creation.
  • Fellowship: Exploring and enjoying the natural world with one another.
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