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Charge Conference Paperwork Due

Please submit your church’s Charge Conference paperwork by end of business today.

There are 4 forms required for all churches:

  • 2017 Officer List
  • Pastoral Support Worksheet
  • Financial Exam
  • Accessibility Audit

These are the 4 forms the District Service Center is tracking for credit in the drawing for the free pass to Annual Conference. These forms are required of all churches.

There are other forms that are required of most churches, and should also be submitted after your church charge conference. Please see the charge conference documents page for details on those forms.

The majority of churches have charge conference before December 15th, however, if your church is having their charge conference after December 15th, the forms can be submitted “pending charge conference confirmation.”

Forms must be submitted in proper format to be counted.

For example: we cannot accept an Officer List of just names!

  • When the pipes freeze at the church and the pastor is on vacation the name of the Trustees Chair is not as helpful as the name, address, and phone number.
  • When we get information about a youth scholarship program it is more helpful to be able to send that information to the Youth Leader, the Office Admin, and the Pastor, than to just send it to the Pastor alone.
  • Same person the Treasurer Chair as last year? We need to know! The Office List data is set with an expiration date of one year. If we do not get the form, your leadership role expires and we don’t know who to contact if there is a problem with your apportionments.

Officer Lists are updated in the computer system. We need names, addresses, phone numbers, and (hopefully) emails for all Chairs. This is to help us reach out to the church with important information.

Want to double check that we have your forms?

Unsure of what additional forms apply to your church?

Can’t get a form to work on your computer?

Please contact the District Service Center, we are here to help!


Healthy Boundaries 201


Last call for Healthy Boundaries 201!

On Thursday, October 6, Millwood Community Presbyterian Church is hosting the the final Healthy Boundaries offering (in the Inland Northwest) for this quadrennium.  Rev. Terry McGonigal and Rev. Sherry Vokoun will lead this boundary training (with an emphasis on sexual misconduct).  The cost is $40 and includes Faith Trust Institute materials, snacks, and lunch.

Please register online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boundary-training-tickets-27176092424 AND mail Boundary Training Letter & Registration Form to the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest at 8910 East Dalton Avenue, Spokane, WA 99212.


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