This year, Mission u will be held at Central Washington University (Ellensburg, Wash.).

Register for Mission u!
By Lethe McGavran

WHAT: Mission u
WHEN: July 17-20, 2015
WHERE: Central Washington University

-The Church and People with Disabilities
-Created For Happiness: Understanding Your Life With God
-Latin America: People and Faith


Have you ever attended Mission u?

This is the last year we will be offering the class “The Church and People with Disabilities”, so it’s vital to make sure to register now, particularly for Trustees of our churches in the PNW who can benefit from the information available in this class. Here’s why:
“Unlike other categories of human experience, disability crosses all lines of gender, orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic position, age, and culture. People with typical bodies can be thought of as temporarily able-bodied because disabilities can happen at any time to anyone. The intent of these mission studies is to promote awareness, inclusion, accessibility and advocacy for people with disabilities — including youth and children.”
Additionally, there will be a new Spiritual Growth study, “Created For Happiness: Understanding Your Life With God”. Consider encouraging your Staff Parish Relations committee members to attend this study to help enrich the atmosphere of relationship building in the church. Here’s a brief explanation of the study:
“The search for happiness is a dominant topic in our culture. Happiness reminders, quotes, sayings, stories, memories and songs can be downloaded or purchased online and shared on social media. Magazines, books, calendars, office supplies and more are available to help us achieve happiness. ‘Created for Happiness’ will take us on a journey to a richer and deeper contentment than a coffee mug or Facebook meme can ignite.”
Last, but certainly not least, the Rev. Paul Jeffrey has agreed to lead the All School Study, “Latin America: People and Faith.”
“Many of us have either visited or were born in Latin America, but all of us are given a chance to learn about this region. This study is an invitation to enter this land, called Latin America, knowing it is a sacred land. We come in with respect to face the dignity of a people and with the love of God for them.”
All of this information, as well as registration and scholarship forms, are also available at

We hope to see you there!

Lethe McGavran serves as Assistant Dean for Mission u 2015

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