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Seminary Scholarships

Seminary students may apply for scholarships if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a certified candidate in the Pacific Northwest Conference.
  2. Must be making progress toward graduation.
  3. Must be accepted in a degree program from a University Senate approved seminary.
    1. 1st year $2500
    2. 2nd year $2500
    3. 3rd year $2500
    4. 4th  year $2500, if required by the university for graduation. Maximum of $10,000.

Part time students may be eligible for the same maximum amount of $10,000.  However, scholarships will be granted to part-time students in smaller amounts.

Applicants may apply only for the year they are presently enrolled.  This cannot be applied retroactively for previous years of enrollment.

It is necessary to reapply every year by October 1st.

A registrar’s signature or other proof of registration is required.

The application forms are on the Pacific Northwest Conference website (below).

Applications and Resources

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