Fowler UMC in Spokane Washington is seeking a pianist/vocalist to provide piano solo & accompaniment and song leading for worship services.

Applications can be sent electronically to or to the church at 3928 N. Howard St. Spokane WA 99205, marked to the attention of Pastor René Devantier: 

  • Resume and cover letter
  • Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of two references 

Camp Indianola Seeks New Program Director

Camp Indianola is hiring a Program Director for a multifaceted position as a core member of
the Camp Indianola’s leadership team. This position contains a wide variety of
responsibilities to help ensure the smooth operation of the camp through all seasons. The
primary responsibilities of the Program Director are running and managing the youth
summer camp programming, and serving as the primary Guest Services Coordinator.
This Program Director job is intended to be a full time position, though operations under
covid make it more likely than not that this position may be part-time during the offseason
until normal operations resume.

Our context:
Camp Indianola is a United Methodist youth summer camp and adult retreat center
located across the Puget Sound from Seattle, WA. We are located on the Port Madison
Reservation, the ancestral and current home of the Suquamish Tribe. A gorgeous
beachfront view of the Puget Sound, Seattle, Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Mountains
makes our camp an unquestionably beautiful place to do ministry. Our camp is situated
on 75 acres of land, much of which is undeveloped woodlands, which we use for our
programming. Our five cabins provide a maximum capacity of approximately 100 guests.
Our programs vary depending on season. During the summer months, we run our own
religious youth summer camps. During the off-season, we both run our own adult spiritual
retreats and host outside non-profit groups looking for a site for their own retreats.
The Seattle area is largely socially and politically progressive to very progressive. The
United Methodist Church in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference is theologically,
socially, and politically moderate to progressive. We as a camp work within and fit within
this context. Although candidates need not necessarily fit within these deological
parameters, a viable candidate will demonstrate that they will be able to operate
effectively within this ministry context without being oppositional to it. (An attitude that
the PNW culture around us is full of “depraved and wicked liberals” in opposition to the
Church is not a good fit for our organization.)

Who we serve:
We serve youth campers and adult retreat-goers from the entire western side of
Washington State, especially from the Seattle and Tacoma metro areas, as well as our own
Kitsap County.

The most notable responsibility of the Program Director’s role is running the youth
summer camp programming. Our summer camps serve grades 2–13. In a typical year, we
see approximately 300 campers, with camp sizes ranging from approximately 20 to 40.
The Program Director schedules, plans, and executes these camps. They are in charge of
recruiting, hiring, training, and managing approximately 7–12 summer staff during the
summer. The preparation for summer begins as far as 12 months in advance, intensifying
in the spring in anticipation of the beginning of summer. The Program Director does not
typically serve directly as a cabin leader, though it is expected that they be willing to take
on any needed role if the situation requires to ensure the success of the program.
The Program Director also heads up youth programming during other parts of the year.
For example, the Program Director is the primary individual in charge of planning the fall
youth retreat, as well as managing childcare during adult retreats.
The Program Director has many varied responsibilities beyond simply running summer
camps, to help in the year-round operation of Camp Indianola. Most notably, the Program
Director is the primary point-person for all guest services, both those related to summer
camps and to rental groups, though they do get additional needed assistance with this
role, especially during the summer.
The Program Director is also the key staff member in charge of outdoor educational
experiences for school groups. They help recruit school groups, help develop curricula for
those groups which wish for use to guide their experience, as well as leading these school
groups themselves. Depending on our level of success with attracting and teaching
school groups, this aspect of the Program Director position will determine whether the
job is full-time year-round or if it becomes part-time during the off-season.
The Program Director also serves as one of the on-call hosts for guest groups, helps with
housekeeping, helps maintain the grounds, help if needed in the kitchen, as well as many
other miscellaneous tasks as required. Overall, a successful candidate for Program
Director is willing to take on a very wide variety of tasks to help the camp run smoothly.
The seasonal responsibilities of this position shift significantly. This is an overview of some
(not all) of the responsibilities, of the Program Director through the year:

Full-time (as many hours as required based on programming)
Running summer camp operations, including managing staff

Part-time to full-time (minimum 20 hours/week, dependent on guest group demand)*
Outdoor education – recruiting, teaching, hosting
Finalizing broad plans for next summer

Part time to full-time (minimum 25 hours/week, dependent on guest group demand)
Recruiting staff
Outdoor education
Beginning summer camp promotion
Start planning for camp

Part time to full-time (minimum 30 hours/week, dependent on guest group demand)
Figuring out details for summer camps
Recruiting volunteers
Heavy summer camp promotion
Outdoor education

Please note: since guest groups have not returned yet in full force (meaning, we do not have
the same level of income as we had pre pandemic), it is likely that at least the first off-season
will mean a reduced number of hours from a normal year. The course of the pandemic will
dictate how soon we can resume to pre-pandemic levels of operation. The hours indicated above are
the anticipated number of hours for the next season. Once we return to normal levels of operation, we anticipate that this will resume being a full-time job. Note that the salary to be agreed upon is for the full-time position. The cash salary will likely be lower for this 2021–22 year. That being said, please note as well that all other
benefits of employment (health insurance, provided housing, some meals, paid sick leave) remain even during reduced hours.

Characteristics of the position:
This position is most often a medium-term job, lasting from 3–7 years. Washington State is
an at-will employment state, meaning that neither employer nor employee are not “locked
into” a position. However, we do not anticipate hiring a candidate who is coming into this
position knowing that they would only be here for a year or two.
The on-site living accommodations are appropriate for a single or partnered individual,
but not for a family with children. Camp Indianola will consider a partial housing stipend
or figuring out alternate housing for individuals for whom the on-site housing will not
work due to family situation.
Required competencies:
• 3+ years relevant experience
• Strong Christian faith, ability to help teach it to others, ability to reflect critically, openly,
and compassionately about issues of faith.
• Lifeguarding, including ability to maintain official lifeguarding certification
• First Aid, CPR certifications (or ability to get them)
• Love for camp ministries
• Willingness to engage with and learn from local Native culture, language, and history
• Must be able to operate necessary equipment including boats, power tools, machinery,
housekeeping, and lawn equipment*
• Must be able to work extended hours standing, walking, crouching, lifting, and reaching in
varying weather conditions*
• Must be able to regularly lift and carry up to 50 pounds and occasionally lift up to 100
• Must have current driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and be able to operate
larger vehicles like 15-passenger vans and full-sized trucks*
• Must be able to pass a national background check
• Must be a team player ready to jump in and help with whatever needs doing to meet
guest needs

Reasonable accommodations can be made for candidates with disabilities, but do note that
this is a job that does naturally require a high degree of mobility and a wide range of physical
demands, creating challenges for accommodating some levels of limited mobility.
Desired competencies:
• Musically inclined and able to lead campfire songs and worship for groups of 5-120
• Experience and/or certification in challenge course and high element management and
• Current certifications in any of the following: Lifeguard or higher, First Aid/CPR/AED or
higher, ACCT Level One or higher, Small Water Craft, Archery
• An understanding of United Methodist dynamics, culture, operations, etc.

Reports to:
Camp Director and Operations Manager

Salary, benefits, and hours:
Salary – $30,000–35,000, depending
upon experience

A furnished on-site staff apartment is provided for the employee. The employee and members of the employees families can receive meals at no cost when food service is operating.

Health insurance (medical, vision, and dental) or a partial insurance stipend, unless
participant is already covered by a parent’s or family member’s insurance.
Paid sick leave, as provided by Washington State law
Two weeks paid vacation. Additionally, one week of paid time off at the end of summer
that does not count against vacation time.
Paid holiday time off

This is a salaried, overtime exempt position. Expect to work far more than 40 hours a week
during the summer. To help offset this extra work, you in coordination with your
supervisor, will be allowed to schedule a lighter workload for the winter with some
additional paid time off.

Camp Indianola, as with most summer camps, has historically been a predominantly
White, male-dominated, and straight leadership and organization. We are working to
change this dynamic though it is admittedly still present. As such, we particularly
encourage individuals of color, LGTBQ+ individuals, and females and nonbinary
individuals to apply for this position.

Send resumes to: Camp Director, Colin Cushman —


Colin Cushman, Camp Indianola, 10635 NE Shore Dr, Indianola, WA 98342

First UMC (Olympia, WA): P/T Multimedia Coordinator

First United Methodist Church of Olympia is looking for a person to join our ministry team as a multimedia coordinator providing technical expertise and technical team leadership for the church’s growing online digital ministry programs including live-streamed worship and prerecorded worship video projects.

The Multimedia Coordinator is responsible for the online presentation of our Sunday morning worship service and other recorded and live programs throughout the week. The successful applicant for this position will have a college-level education or equivalent experience in A/V production, video editing skills, experience with common industry software and equipment, and strong communication and leadership skills.  

Hours will include Sunday mornings and additional flex-hours up to a total of 20 hours/week.

To apply, please contact Pastor Peter Perry at for additional information, to submit a resume, and possibly arrange for an interview.

For more information, including the job description, see

Simpson UMC (Pullman, WA) seeking applications for two part-time positions

Simpson United Methodist Church, in Pullman WA is seeking applicants for two positions within our organization.

 The first position is The Assistant to the Pastor, to support the day-to-day operations of our church.  This position requires 20 hours per week and is flexible with some on-site time required, and the remainder of the hours can be accomplished either on-site or remotely (with your own computer equipment).  The successful candidate must be able to work independently and as part of a group.  Computer (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Publisher) and social media skills are imperative. The ability to use video equipment and use video editing software is imperative.  The successful candidate will have good people skills (which includes situational discernment), must have a positive attitude, be professional and have good organizational skills.

The second position is The Assistant to the Director of the Wesley Foundation, WSU to support the day-to-day operations of our organization. This position requires 10 hours per week.  The successful candidate must be able to work independently as well as part of a group.  Computer (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Publisher) and social media skills are imperative to the success of this candidate.  The successful candidate will have good people skills (which includes situational discernment), must have a positive attitude, be professional and have good organizational skills.

Although these are two separate positions, the right candidate could be hired to do both. Please indicate in your cover letter if you are applying for:

  • Assistant to the Pastor of Simpson UMC
  • Assistant to the Director of the Wesley Foundation, WSU
  • OR a combination of both positions

Application review begins July 13th and remains open until the position is filled.

The successful candidate could potentially begin employment as early as July 26th.  

Starting pay is $15.00 per hour or DOE. 

The successful applicant is subject to a background check.

To apply, please include a resume and cover letter describing how your talents and qualifications match the job duties outlined below. Questions and applications should be directed to SPRC Chair, Carrie Coen at

Assistant to the Pastor at Simpson United Methodist Church

Job Description

The Assistant to the Pastor at Simpson United Methodist Church (approximately 80 hours/month):

The Assistant to the Pastor shall:

  • Provide support and assistance to the Pastor to fulfill the mission of Simpson United Methodist Church
    • Reception; includes all tasks associated with being a receptionist to include such items as answering the phone, answering e-mails, distributing/processing mail and greeting visitors. The successful candidate should be able to positively represent SUMC in all these interactions. This portion of the position is infrequent and will only be necessary in the pastor’s absence from regular office hours.
    • Admin; all tasks that would typically fall under the purview of “administrative maintenance,” such as filing and report writing. The successful candidate should be proficient at using Excel/Word to complete these duties.
  • Create weekly newsletters/bulletins, assisting with promotional activities and creating promotional materials to keep the congregation and other supporters informed of SUMC happenings.  There are two main parts to this (listed below) and the successful candidate should be able to create all the materials in a timely matter with little or no assistance.  
    • Media; refers to all tasks associated to the creation of our Simpson Weekly. These tasks include but aren’t limited to gathering appropriate art, articles, and creation of a “Publisher File,” as well as the final distribution at the end of the week.  Skills should include graphics and multi-media experience.
    • Worship; includes all tasking that supports the maintenance of our weekly worship program which includes music folder prep, creating the worship PowerPoint, creating the worship bulletin and script, and any other tasks that might be uniquely assigned by the pastor. This also includes a weekly worship meeting typically held on Monday. 
  • Maintain the SUMC website and social media sites (i.e. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter).  The successful candidate should have the knowledge/skills to update these pages with little or no assistance. This includes weekly website updates with video links, changes to the homepage and inclusion of the bulletin and weekly news.
  • Video and livestream weekly Sunday worship service
  • Keep track of weekly worship attendance and relay that information to the church Bookkeeper
  • Provide inventory control and ordering of church office supplies
  • Collaborate and communicate with the local churches and with the Pacific Northwest Conference as needed.
  • Report writing to include annual church report and letter writing correspondence as needed.
  • Email and phone correspondence as needed
  • Communicate with building use committee and create documents as needed
  • Be able to work independently to make sure the work each week is completed with little supervision
  • Complete any other assigned duties as required

Assistant to the Director of the Wesley Foundation, WSU 

Job Description

The Assistant to the Director of The Wesley Foundation, WSU (approximately 40 hours/month):

The Assistant to the Director shall:

  • Provide support and assistance to the Director to fulfill the mission of the Wesley Foundation through assuring correspondence is communicated and to confirm attendance at meetings
  • Work with WF director and board to fundraise and maintain finances (collecting receipts) for this ministry
    • This includes preparing the annual grant application
  • Create quarterly newsletters, assisting with promotional activities on campus and creating promotional materials to keep alumni and other supporters informed of WF happenings
  • Maintain the WF website and social media sites (i.e. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter).
  • Connect local United Methodist Churches with the ministry of the WF
  • Connect with churches within the Pacific Northwest Conference in order to create a list of UM students attending WSU
  • Will organize volunteers, procure needed supplies and prep for the Wednesday night dinner and clean up after dinner (during the WSU academic year). This requires an on-site presence (typically from 3 pm-6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings during the WSU academic school year)
  • Represent the Wesley Foundation at the WSU all-campus picnic (August)
    • Sign up for spot
    • Order and put together the swag
    • Attend event and connect with students
  • Potential to attend the Greater Northwest Annual Conference to represent the Wesley Foundation in June of each year
  • Complete any other assigned duties as needed

Mill Plain UMC (WA): Two positions available

Mill Plain United Methodist Church in Vancouver, Washington is seeking applicants for two open positions on their church staff.

3/4 Time Church Executive Assistant, to begin work September 1. Duties include office management, hospitality and working with the pastor as an assistant. Exact days and times have some flexibility but do require in-person presence in the building. The salary range is from $27,00-$30,000 a year, depending on experience. Send a cover letter and resume to Full job description available here.

Nursery Assistant to work with another supervisor in providing child care during worship for children age 5 and younger. The position will begin when Covid conditions allow for child care to resume. The position pays $14.80 per hour, for a minimum of 3 hours per week. More hours may be available for occasional classes and meetings when child care is needed. Send a cover letter and resume to Full job description available here.

Bothell UMC (WA): F/T Director of Music

Bothell United Methodist Church in Bothell, Washington is seeking applicants for a full-time director of music. The salary range is: $45k-$50k. They will provide leadership and continuity for the Bothell UMC music program and enhance the worship experience through music selection and leadership based on ongoing worship themes.

Interested candidates can submit their resumes and cover letters to

Saunders Chairs

Saunders Worship Seating for Sale

Just prior to the pandemic we purchased 51 SAUDER OAKLOK CONTOUR CHAIRS for our worship space. We received them on August 10, 2020. Unfortunately, the building we were leasing has been sold and we are unable to use them in the space where we are relocating. The total purchase price was $9,230.00. The chairs are red oak with a nutmeg finish with a Sherpa Concord (deep purple) fabric on the seat and back. The chairs include interlocking double book racks which connects the chairs together. There are 40 regular chairs and 11 arm chairs. The chairs are stackable. We are asking $8,000 but are willing to negotiate with any reasonable offer. Please see the pictures.

For more information, you may contact Pastor Jeff Mullinix at or (937)369-5192.

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