Ministry Safe FAQ

Who needs a National Background Check?

All volunteers working with youth, children, and vulnerable adults and all church staff. Please see the Background Check Matrix (LINK).

What level background check should we order?

The PNW Conference office recommends that churches in our conference order a Level 3 background check the first time someone is being checked with a National background check. If you are renewing a background check you may choose to do a level 1 check.

Do I need to background check our pastor? 

No, all those appointed by the Bishop to serve a local church including CLM’s, Local Church Pastor’s and Clergy have their background checks managed by the District Service Center.

I need to add a user who does not have email or will not give consent online?

There is a paper consent form (click here) they can fill out. When processing their background check please click on the "long form" option.

I don't know my church's log in information

If you forgot your password but already have been entered into the system please use the forgot password link or call MinistrySafe, 817-737-SAFE (7233). 

If you don't know any login information for your church or you need to get in for the first time please email or call Teri Tobey and she can help get you set up, 800-755-7710.

Do I need to pay $100 / year + $5 / trainee to purchase a MinistrySafe membership?

No, the entire conference already has a membership and each church in our conference has already been set up with a login. Abuse Awareness trainings for our Conference Churches do not have a fee.

Who needs to do the Abuse Awareness Training?

  The MinistrySafe Abuse Awareness Training is an expected requirement for all volunteers working with youth, children, and vulnerable adults and church staff. They can do this whether they are running a background check or not. Please see the Background Check Matrix (LINK).

Who is the User Teri Tobey? 

This is the default user account set up for all the churches. Teri Tobey is staff at the Conference office and works frequently with MinistrySafe and background checks. This user login allows Teri to log in and help you trouble shoot if you have any troubles.

Why is there a Texas Address for the church and a credit card on file we don’t recognize should I update it to our real address?

Please update the contact info and billing preferences for you church. We no longer need the Texas information to stay in the dashboard. 


I have several folks who need to complete background checks but do not have email accounts.

 You can send the invitation to a church email address and invite them to fill out the information at the  in the office or use the paper form.

One of my volunteers is concerned about the list of items in the online consent form what should I tell them?

One of my volunteers is concerned about the list of items in the consent form what should I tell them? 

We DO NOT do any credit checks during a background check for employees or volunteers. Those in the ordination process requiring a credit check will have it done separately from the background check.

There are two things we can do to clarify for the volunteers and staff what kind of checks we are ordering.  One would be to send a message from your email account explaining that they can expect the emails from MinistrySafe similar to the sample listed below.  Secondly you are welcome to share the background check levels available to us and what is covered in those checks. National Background Check PNW Pricing

Where can I add comments if there are issues with a background check i.e. person can chaperone but not drive, etc.?

The place in the MinistrySafe Dashboard for that information would be under the manage user tab, if you click on the name you can update information about the individual, I would recommend putting this information in “notes box” so it is available to your staff.

I am a pastor transitioning to a new church what do I need to do with my old church login?

On your old church account we recommend that once the new pastor and or staff/volunteers get set up with a login that they would mark your old user as an inactive user.


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