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Master Plan for Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Revised November 2022

Disasters have happened, and disasters will happen. We cannot stop them. We can prepare and thus reduce the amount of damage and disruption that they might cause. We can plan so that we will have an idea of what we shall do before, during, and after a disaster. We can hold onto our faith in God and our confidence in one another, that whatever comes our way, we will survive, and we will grow into a new and good future reality. We know that God is always with us. Following recovery from any disaster, things will not be returned to the way they were before, and there is some doubt that they ever really were that way.

The purpose of this plan is to provide a reference for and guidance to the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church as it prepares for and responds to disasters of all kinds. This document is for local congregations, clergy of the Conference, District Superintendents and the Episcopal leadership. The availability and familiarity with a Disaster Response plan is the first step on the road to recovery when a disaster strikes. A Disaster Preparedness and Response plan helps provide the means for Christians, who are called “United Methodists,” to respond to human suffering in the most appropriate way for them when disaster happens.

To download this document, click the following link:

Disaster Response Menu

Disaster Response Contacts

Dana and Kathy Bryson
Disaster Response Coordinators
c: (509) 539-2978 | Email

Kathy Bryson
Early Response Team Coordinator
c: (509) 539-2978 | Email

Cheryl Reagan, UMVIM Coordinator
p: (509) 280-0029 | Email 
NOMADS Tom Hager, NWJ Project Coordinator p: (509) 493-2445 | Email | Web

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