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About our Disaster Response

Whenever disasters strike, United Methodists respond with the knowledge that Disaster Response and Recovery is a vital part of our church mission. Response and Recovery happens on five levels at once: our Conference-wide efforts, work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), district response and recovery, local church efforts, and community support.

There are generally three stages in disaster response.

  • Response: Local Authorities (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Search and Rescue)
  • Relief: UMCOR/Volunteers in Mission (trained in rapid response), Others
  • Recovery: UMCOR/Volunteers in Mission

As a rule of thumb, we use what we call a 1-10-100 formula in estimating the three stages of disaster response. This means a 4 day RESPONSE calls for 40 days of RELIEF and 400 days of RECOVERY.

Historically, we as a church take on active leadership in the Recovery stage of disasters.As you prayerfully discern how and what type of support you may want to give, consider the great need long after all the media hype to a disaster has ended.

Rev. David Valera, Executive Director of Connectional Ministries

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Disaster Response Contacts

Dana and Kathy Bryson
Disaster Response Coordinators
c: (509) 539-2978 | Email

Kathy Bryson
Early Response Team Coordinator
c: (509) 539-2978 | Email

Cheryl Reagan, UMVIM Coordinator
p: (509) 280-0029 | Email 
NOMADS Tom Hager, NWJ Project Coordinator p: (509) 493-2445 | Email | Web

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