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Seattle District Builders’ Club

Builders Club

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For donations by check, please send checks to:

District Service Center,
Attn: Seattle Builders’ Club
PO Box 13650 DesMoines, WA 98198

The Seattle District Builders’ Club is an emergency fund that helps out during a brick and mortar crisis that oft-times affects our buildings. For example, one of our District churches is currently experiencing a $20,000 electrical crisis that has shut down electricity in their chapel and narthex. Another church has sprung a leak in its roof. At other times a plumbing issue might arise, or a safety-issue might demand immediate action. Sometimes insurance will not cover all the costs, or act quickly enough. Sometimes congregations need a “patch” to bridge the gap until a solution can be achieved. The congregation scrambles but sometimes is simply unable to cover all the costs. What to do?

Should we just say —“Tough luck, you’ll just have to take out a loan and go deeper into debt?” The vision of the Builders’ Club is to help and assist in small ways when we can. By pooling the resources of our 54 Seattle District churches we can reach out with kindness and concern to help carry the load. We can truly be connectional and in communion with one another. This can happen through offering matching funds and emergency grants.
Once a year we reach out to our District Connection with a financial appeal to build a “security nest” for the commonwealth of all. This is that time. On behalf of the District connection I appeal to your kindness and generosity to offer a financial gift whose sole purpose is to help each other in times of crisis. Thereby confirming we are not alone. We are not independent congregations. We belong to one another.
Many small gifts add up to great wealth. And this is most certainly a simple small-gift appeal to the 7000 Seattle District United Methodists via this 700 person Cross Connection e-list. Please prayerfully consider a small financial gift. Let us carry one another with the lightness of grace.


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