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Safety Advocates Quiz Answers

Thank you for taking the Safety Advocate quiz. We have been notified by email that you have taken it. Please take a few minutes to review the questions and answers below. If you don’t receive confirmation from us after a couple business days, please contact Teri Tobey.

To serve as a Safety Advocate, you must pass a national background check, and complete the basic abuse awareness training offered through Ministry Safe in addition to this component.

1.  Washington State Background Checks are adequate screening for adults who are only working for a weekend retreat.


All leaders are required to pre-register at least 72 hours prior to the event.  The registration should include:

  • National Background Check consent form
  • Pastoral reference (suggested for new volunteers)
  • Event covenant
  • Medical waiver/ history

Washington State Checks are an insufficient way of ascertaining behavioral history in an increasingly mobile society.

2. To which of the following contexts do Safe Sanctuaries guidelines and provisions apply? Select one.

    1. When working with vulnerable populations on church property.
    2. When working with vulnerable populations off campus.
    3. When working with vulnerable populations online (email, chat, social media, etc.) or over the phone.
    4. All of the above.

The safe behavior and practices of our safe sanctuaries guidelines are not dependent on the medium whether online, in person, or in social media, etc. Regardless of the context, you should use the same practices to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Which of the following statements is not true about requirements for adult supervision at youth events and activities? Select one.

    1. Adults shall respect the privacy of youth/children when changing clothing or showering to the extent safety allows.
    2. Youth/children shall be supervised at all times by at least one adult who is at least four years older than the oldest youth/child who is attending the event as a participant.
    3. When only two adults are required for supervision the second adult shall not be related to the first adult in any way.
    4. At least 50% of adults at an event where junior high are present shall be at least 21 or older.
    5. Those adults who participate in an event shall initiate no personal interaction with youth children via e-mail or otherwise, with the exception of simply informational communication, without informing the guardian.
    6. Events of youth in grades 6 to 8 require a ratio of 1 adult to six youth; for grades 9-12 the required ratio is 1 adult to eight youth.
    7. None of the above.

4. To meet safe church guidelines, a driver must be at least 4 years older than the oldest  youth they are transporting and have a clear driving record.


5. For overnight events involving youth, how many consecutive hours are to be scheduled for sleep? Select one.

    1. At least eight hours.
    2. At least seven hours.
    3. At least six hours.
    4. All of the above. Different events might require different levels of rest.

6. The Safety Advocate is responsible for carefully documenting all aspects of an abuse incident on the Abuse Incident Report Form.


7.Which of the following is not an example of appropriate touch between an non-related adult engaged in Conference events or activities and the youth/children present? Select one.

    1. Holding hands as part of an activity
    2. Touching only the head or the shoulders
    3. A back rub after the adult has permission from the youth
    4. A side-on hug of the shoulders

8. Youth may drive themselves and other youth to church related events. Select one.

    1. Never, because that is violation of Safe Sanctuary procedures.
    2. Yes, but only if the parents have given their permission.
    3. Yes, but only if there are not enough cars to transport everyone.

Youth are discouraged from driving themselves to Conference events. If a youth needs to drive to a Conference event:

  • Keys for the vehicle will be held by the event coordinator or leader during the event.
  • They shall carry written permission to the event from his/her guardians.
  • There shall be no “in and out” privileges for youth/children.

9. Safety advocates, with their unique training, are to be publicly introduced to vulnerable populations at every Conference event as the individuals responsible for receiving all reports of abuse.


10. What is the minimum number of unrelated adults should be present at all activities involving children and/or youth? Select one.

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Are adults really needed at all events?

11. A lifeguard is only required for water sporting events where the water is above 5 feet in depth.


12. After an accident occurs, the first aid staff and/or the event coordinator is responsible for which of the following? Select one.

    1. Carefully documenting the incident using the Accident Report Form
    2. Notifying guardians of those involved if needed
    3. Forwarding the Report Form to the appropriate Conference staff person and the insurance liaison in the Treasure’s office.
    4. All of the above.

13. All adults shall avoid being alone, one-on-one, with youth/children.


14. Events and activities with mixed youth and young adult populations are expressly prohibited by Safe Sanctuary guidelines.


15. For overnight events, all efforts should be taken to provide gender-specific sleeping accommodations for all youth participants.


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