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Seattle District Training Day – It’s Time to Change!


Our goal is to bring together 150 folks to motivate and inspire them to be change agents in their churches and mission fields. We will be successful if each session creates priority change in the one attending, and then have that person infect their congregation.

Anything less than that is just …business as usual. We need to become unusual.


Our goal is to bring together 150 folks to motivate and inspire them to be change agents in their churches and mission fields. We will be successful if each session creates priority change in the one attending, and then have that person infect their congregation.

Anything less than that is just …business as usual. We need to become unusual.

Schedule: Subject to change

8am – Registration

9am – Worship, Redesigning the UMC in the Seattle District

9:45am – First Sessions:

  • Discipleship: Small Groups, The Method at the Heart of Methodism — Rev. Jim Head-Corliss – The Methodist movement raises-up followers of Jesus who love God and love their neighbors in the rhythm and flow of everyday life. Wesley’s method of making new disciples and taking us all deeper in our commitment to Christ is a way of life centered in small groups. What the church needs today is a return to deep discipleship, contagious leadership, and the fusion of these two, great loves lived out with integrity and authenticity. Join me to learn the theological foundations, a practical model, and the method for growing disciples in your church!
  • From Oak to Acorn — Rev. Sarah Casey, Rev. Neal Sharpe & Rev. Shalom Agtarap – Prolepsis | pro-lep-sis | n. the representation of a thing as existing before it actually does l Anamnesis | an-am-nee-seez | n. lived memory. How might we embrace the cycle of anticipating future potential while enacting the lived memory of a life of faith so that we can continue to be an ever-expanding manifestation of Christ in world?
  • Unleashing Generosity! — Rik Jamieson – Stewardship is a fancy word for managing the gifts our Creator gives us. In this session we will: 1.) Review 7 traits that we find common in churches that experience growth in giving. 2.) Summarize key points about church giving from the book … Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate. 3.) Detail how to easily start Stewardship classes at your church using Dave Ramsey’s Final Peace University program.
  • How to do Climate Activism — Jenny Phillips
  • Teach Us to Pray: Contemplative Prayer as a Pathway for Transforming Church — Andy Lang – In this workshop, we’ll be discussing and practicing how to radically change the way Christians interact with the world – in other words, to change our entire operating system. We’ll be fleshing out what I believe to be the truth about our Church: that the only way we’ll be vital and meaningful in the future is through the practice and teaching of contemplative prayer.
  • Changing the World, One Child at a Time: Building a Childrens’ Ministry That Matters — Nancy Roseen (Kent) – Discover the excitement of life changing children’s ministry and explore new ways to recruit and retain volunteers into this vital, often neglected area in our churches.

11:30am – REBUILD Project – Rebuild: Up From the Ashes: Rosalee Mohney

12pm – Lunch (provided by the Men’s Food Ministry of Renton First)

12:45pm – Second Sessions:

  • Intentional Camp: Evangelism & Discipleship for the Next Generation — Darin Gemmer. Camp Indianola Director
  • Trustees — Rik Jamison – This session will focus on the 2017 property and liability insurance renewal. Maintaining your property tax exemption and general a Q&A will be included.
  • The Adventure of Discipleship: Using John Wesley’s 3 Strand Discipleship Model and The Lord of the Rings to Create a Framework for Christian Formation — Rev. Christy Fisher, Wesley Club Campus Pastor – We’ll be using John Wesley’s Discipleship Model and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings Journey (both things that inspired Christy’s discipleship making at Wesley) to envision how unique contexts can engage the journey of Christian Formation.
  • Table Turning Theology and Practice — John Helmiere
  • Homelessness: What to do in a State of Emergency — Pastors Jan Bolerjack, Michele Campton-Stehr, Kelly Dahlman Oeth & Paula McCutcheon – We’ll hear from several local UMC churches and learn about innovative programs that have sprung from the desperate need we’re seeing in our community and consider how responding to an emergency can change our lives, who we are as a people, and how we live in authentic community.
  • The Bible and Human Sexuality — Keith and Joan Hackett – Join in The Bible and Human Sexuality Plenary Presentation from Mission u 2016. Look at scripture and begin to think about what needs to change in order to develop a healthy Christian sexual ethic in the UMC. Learn about Mission u 2017.

2:30pm – Closing Communion

3pm – End

3:15pm – Addendum

  • Post Conference Responding to Our Political Context — Rev. Rich Lang

Charge Conference Paperwork Due

Please submit your church’s Charge Conference paperwork by end of business today.

There are 4 forms required for all churches:

  • 2017 Officer List
  • Pastoral Support Worksheet
  • Financial Exam
  • Accessibility Audit

These are the 4 forms the District Service Center is tracking for credit in the drawing for the free pass to Annual Conference. These forms are required of all churches.

There are other forms that are required of most churches, and should also be submitted after your church charge conference. Please see the charge conference documents page for details on those forms.

The majority of churches have charge conference before December 15th, however, if your church is having their charge conference after December 15th, the forms can be submitted “pending charge conference confirmation.”

Forms must be submitted in proper format to be counted.

For example: we cannot accept an Officer List of just names!

  • When the pipes freeze at the church and the pastor is on vacation the name of the Trustees Chair is not as helpful as the name, address, and phone number.
  • When we get information about a youth scholarship program it is more helpful to be able to send that information to the Youth Leader, the Office Admin, and the Pastor, than to just send it to the Pastor alone.
  • Same person the Treasurer Chair as last year? We need to know! The Office List data is set with an expiration date of one year. If we do not get the form, your leadership role expires and we don’t know who to contact if there is a problem with your apportionments.

Officer Lists are updated in the computer system. We need names, addresses, phone numbers, and (hopefully) emails for all Chairs. This is to help us reach out to the church with important information.

Want to double check that we have your forms?

Unsure of what additional forms apply to your church?

Can’t get a form to work on your computer?

Please contact the District Service Center, we are here to help!


Lay Servant Ministries Advanced Course

lay-servant-1x1Intensive Preaching Workshop for Laity

This course is designed for both the Lay Speaker who wants to enhance their preaching skills as well as the Lay Servant who perceives a call to a preaching ministry. Participants will receive personalized coaching and feedback in this small group approach to learning.

Participants must attend both days; October 22 and October 29.
Space is limited so please register early. Registration deadline: October 7th


For more information: Email Joan Holms

Seattle District Laity Uprising 2

One common ministry of the Seattle District is some form of care for the homeless.  So, on September 17th we’ll have an opportunity to experience a Poverty Simulation led by Lisa Gustafson of Seattle University, afterwards we will meet, have lunch, and work together to form a District strategic response to the crisis of homelessness in King County.

Although clergy are not required to attend it is strongly encouraged for clergy to come and/or to send a team. After all, every District church has some form of ministry with the homeless. For clergy that do attend, CE credit is available.

Click here to learn more and to register online.

Lay Transitions Workshop – Vancouver District

In order to support you and your congregation as you experience a pastoral transition this year, the Vancouver District is offering a Laity Transition Workshop on Saturday, June 4th from 3-5:30pm at Vancouver First United Methodist Church.

In the workshop, you can expect to:

  • Explore the normal feelings and reactions during the time of a pastoral change;
  • Become familiar with a transition model that helps you be aware of the natural stages of transition;
  • Learn how to have a good “ending”, including techniques for an exit interview, and ways of saying a good “goodbye”;
  • Gain suggestions of ways for church leaders to share and listen effectively with grieving or anxious parishioners.
  • Become aware of what life will be like in an interim period between the “ending” and the “new beginning”;
  • Learn ways of saying a good “hello” including specific resources to get acquainted;
  • Consider ways to manage the reality of shifting leadership styles of departing and arriving pastors for your congregation.

The workshop will be led by Rev. Melinda Holloway, an ordained elder, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervisor, and educator in the areas of pastoral care, grief/loss, and clergy and congregational transitions.

Our experience has been that it is good to involve as many members of the S/PPR Committee as possible in the workshop.  We also suggest that you strongly urge other key elected leadership to attend, as well as lay program staff your church may have.  Any other lay participants are also encouraged to attend.  Any number of persons can be accommodated in the workshop.  Please register by Monday, May 30th as a packet of handouts will be provided for each participant.

Seattle District Spring Training for Lay-Leadership

Join us at DesMoines UMC on February 20th from 9am-3pm for a powerful, fun, and inspiring training opportunity!

It begins with our opening worship as both Pacific Islander choirs and the Bellevue Korean Worship Team will gather us together as One Body.

As we float out of worship grateful for the presence of God-with-us, we’ll move into a powerful, inspiring keynote by Paul Shoemaker. Paul will guide us into new creativity as to how to change the world, specifically our part of the world. Both practical and visionary, Paul will springboard us into new dimensions of thoughtful ways to be the Body of Christ through our congregations and individual lives.

Paul Shoemaker is the Founding President of Social Venture Partners International, and one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading experts on activating social change agents.

He is the author of “Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive That Changes our World” and has received multiple awards. A compelling, dynamic speaker he has done TED talks, spoken at the United Nations and was named of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in the Nonprofit Sector .

Paul didn’t want to charge us a speaking-fee for this engagement.  Instead, we will have 100 of his books to give to those who arrive first and want to run with the ideas that inspire them from his talk. The man has something to say, so let’s engage his thought and challenge.

We’ll also be offering six different workshops:

Mission Evangelism – Rev. Dr. Bill Gibson: Director of Strategic Faith Community Development

This workshop will explore why we are planting new churches, and how each of our churches might connect with our culture and neighbors. 

Treasurers / Trustees – Rik Jamieson: Assistant Treasurer

Treasures – (Morning class) A much needed administrative nuts & bolts workshop about financial integrity within our churches.
Trustees – (Afternoon class) It’s safe to say that the Trustees deal with very complex issues.  This workshop will be full of information but plenty of time for direct and specific q/a

Mission U – Cecille Corsilles-Sy (Beacon UMC) & Marilyn Reid (Ronald UMC)

Cecille and Marilyn will guide us into deeper awareness of the fantastic on-going ministry of Mission U. Specific focus will be on “The Church and People with Disabilities”.

Worship & Music – Todd Shively (Trinity UMC)

If you know Todd then you know nothing is ever boring or irrelevant when he joins the party! Todd will guide us into the depths of creating joyfully serious worship that both deepens and guides participants into the heart of God, and into the hearts of each other. Worship is the core of our every congregation. Todd will help us explore this importance.

Discipleship Systems – The Bothell Story: Rev. DJ del Rosario

The Spirit is doing a great work at Bothell UMC. They are now the largest church in our Conference. What form of discipleship inspired the creative energy, and spiritual growth of this amazing church? What can we learn from them for our own congregation?

Legacy 101 – Tom Wilson: Executive Director of Northwest Foundation

When Tom Wilson speaks the whole Conference listens. I think of him as Mr. Integrity.

Tom will present a workshop that considers the ministry opportunities made possible by encouraging and supporting your members to make thoughtful and deliberate end-of-life plans.

This session will introduce a professional and comprehensive program called Provide & Protect that employs easy-to-use resources to transform good intentions into heart-felt testimonies and detailed instructions. This is a great session for clergy, and endowment, trustee and finance chairpersons.

Each workshop will be presented twice in a one hour format.

We’ll have a catered lunch brought to you by Taco Time that has given us a great financial deal engineered by District Lay Leader Rosalee Mohney.

The cost of this great shindig is $20 which also includes for the first 100 folk who arrive a copy of Paul Shoemaker’s book, Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive That Changes our World.

The magic of all gatherings is really dependent on the participatory openness of the gathered. What we’ve done is provided an excellent stimulus so that the Body of Christ can gather together to be open to God’s surprise. I encourage you to get the word out, bring a team from every congregation. Expect to learn. Expect to add something of value. Expect joy and gratitude.

We’ve got a global mission field here in the Seattle District. Let us strive to bend it towards Christ, so that God’s compassionate love might rule and reign until peace and joy are characteristic of all of life.

Remember – recruit a team from your congregation.

Let’s revive our Mission Field!


© Copyright 2022 Pacific Northwest Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

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