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Youth Ministries

The Conference Council on Youth Ministry needs youth interested in serving as leaders!

Who can serve on the Conference Council on Youth Ministry (CCOYM)?

19 youth (grades 9-12) with vote (At least 2 youth Representatives per District)
 7 adults with vote (conference youth coordinator and 6 district youth coordinators)

What DOES the Conference Council on Youth Ministry (CCOYM) DO?

CCOYM has responsibility for planning CONVO, communicating with youth and youth leaders, suggesting youth to serve on conference boards and agencies, being aware of and supporting all district and conference events for youth, and caring about and planning to encourage diversity in all its forms. CCOYM members are reimbursed for travel and meals (at the conference rate). 

The United Methodist Discipline states that the purpose of the CCOYM “shall be to strengthen the youth ministry in the local churches and districts of the Annual Conference.” (¶ 649).  The officers, along with the other youth representatives, coordinators, and the conference staff person assigned youth ministry responsibilities, work together to carry out this mandate.

How do I join the Conference Council on Youth Ministry (CCOYM)?

On the CCOYM we how two categories of youth on the team. The Executive team is voted in by an election process at our spring meeting and then we also have District Representative positions that youth can apply for.

Applications to be an exec are due in the spring. 
Applications to be a District Representative are due in the spring.

Contact Teri Tobey for more information. 


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Teri Tobey
Program Associate for Young People’s Ministries
206-870-6822 | Email

Patrick Scriven
Director of Communications & Young People’s Ministries
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