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Older Adult Ministries

urlThe responsibilities of the Conference Council on Older Adult Ministries is to:

  • Advocate on behalf of older adults and older adult concerns
  • Network with local church leaders in older adult ministries
  • Resource district and local church leaders
  • Train district and local church leaders

In the recent past, the council has focused primarily on providing workshops to support older adult ministries through District Training events. The workshops provoke enthusiastic conversations about the importance of the intentional older adult ministry in the church. Rev. Paul R. Graves, the chairperson, writes a regular column in the Conference newsletter.

Your Conference Council is here to serve you. Please contact us with stories of what your church is doing with Older Adults and how those ministries are meeting the needs of this group of persons, both within your church and outside its doors. Be sure to check out the other resources for Older Adult Ministry in the menu on the left.

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