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Donate to the Luke 4:18 Fund

In America today, folks of Hispanic ethnicity can be singled out simply because of their heritage and arrested by local police and federal ICE agents. Once arrested they are told they will be detained until their court date on (for example) a $10k bond. They can be released if they post 10% of that bond (bonds can run from $5k to $40k). If they don’t have bond money they remain detained.

In the SeaTac Missional District, El Dios Viviente has been hit especially hard by these tactics. This congregation has had members deported, intimidated, and harassed simply because of the color of their skin.

Many folks in our District have asked me “what can we do?”

The Luke 4:18 Fund is our opportunity to participate with El Dios Viviente in this testimony of faith and solidarity. This fund is a vehicle that can assist El Dios Viviente in raising bail/bond funds when members of the congregation are arrested or detained by ICE or local police.

If you would like to contribute, please send a check to the Conference Treasurer (c/o Luke 4:18 Fund) at the PNW Conference Office. You can give also give online via a PayPal account or Credit Card using the button below.

The Luke 4:18 Fund will be administered by El Dios Viviente. The assumption is that each recipient of bail/bond funding will pay it back so that the Fund can be continual as a helpmate in this time of crisis.

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