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Catalog of Resources

By providing information using the forms listed below, you give the Regional Media Center permission to use your e-mail to contact you for the purpose of completing transactions and for sending you a once-a-month informational newsletter. You may opt out of the newsletter at any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you receive.

Catalog search page – This page is helpful if you know the title of what you are searching for.

Advanced search – This is a more detailed catalogue search.

Schedule Form – Use this form to submit a request to reserve a resource such as a CD or DVD. After submitting your request we will confirm its availability via e-mail.

Request a Resource – Use this form to request media that is not currently in our catalogue but you feel will positively impact your ministry. When the number of requests for media reaches a threshold determined by the Regional Media Center, the requested media will be purchased.

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