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About the Regional Media Center

The Regional Media Center serves United Methodist churches in the Oregon-Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences. We also have ecumenical participation from other denominations. See the Membership page for information on how you can become a member and fully utilize this vital ministry for your church.

We hear stories, over and over again, about the effectiveness of using video in small group settings. People share at a deeper level, lives are changed by the presentations, and people feel comfortable inviting friends.

There are many reasons for using the Media Center. Here’s a few:

  1. It is easy to use! Our lives are full, we don’t need added complications. A simple phone call or e-mail is all that is required. You can even schedule videos and DVD’s on-line using the schedule form.
  2. Videos are mailed to the church, or individuals homes, and include a pre-paid mailer for easy return. How easy is that?
  3. Recruiting teachers is effortless when they are provided a video series for the quarter. In some cases the video program is so inspirational to the class, the leader need only monitor the clock to be sure the class time is honored.
  4. Video presentations stimulate discussion. Many people have reported that groups, which have met together for years, experience a higher level of sharing when video is used.
  5. Video presenters often model how to “agree to disagree” when facing controversial subjects. Many of the popular video series feature theologians, religion authors and speakers discussing hot topics, modeling how to debate issues and still be friends!
  6. No worries about violating copyright law when showing Media Center videos to your church. Videos and DVD’s loaned from the Media Center include public performance, or, face-to-face educational setting rights. These videos are purchased from vendors and distributors who offer this protection, at additional cost. It is imperative that everyone in your church be aware of copyright limitations on showing videos and DVD’s. Click here for more information on copyright issues or call the Media Center.
  7. The diversity of subjects range from children’s ministry to older adults, teacher and leader training, Bible study, social concern issues, and more! With nearly 3,000 video titles in the Media Center, churches can find exactly what they need for their particular group.
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