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Basic Lantern Decorating Instructions


  • Paper lanterns (purchase in packs of 10 through Amazon; purchase in bulk through Paper Lantern Store.) Use white or colors!
  • Variety pack of colored tissue paper
  • Craft paint brushes (one for each participant)
  • White glue, such as Elmer’s
  • Jars or heavy containers (each container can be shared among 3-4 participants)
  • Scissors (can be shared among 1-2 participants)
  • String
  • Paper to make tags.


  • Dilute glue in jars using a mixture of half glue, half water.
  • Hang string like a clothesline across your space. This is where participants will hang wet lanterns to dry.


  • Imagine how you might depict your prayer. Images can be concrete or abstract.
  • Cut tissue paper into collage pieces.
  • Insert the wire frame into your lantern. (It’s common to accidentally poke a hole in the lantern while doing this, so be careful!)
  • Use the brush to dab a bit of glue solution on the lantern. Stick tissue to the glue, then brush a thin layer of glue solution over the tissue. Repeat.
  • Make a tag and attach it to your lantern. Include:
  • Your name and (optional) age
  • Your church
  • Your City, State and Country
  • One sentence about your prayer. Example, “I pray for communities experiencing extreme drought.”
  • Hang your lantern to dry.
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