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PNW Mass Virtual Choir

for Advent 2020

Greetings, I’m James Payne, Music Director at Clarkston UMC, in Clarkston, WA. During this time we long to be together. Although we cannot physically be together, we can join together in song and worship from a distance. I am inviting you, the choirs – singers – and musicians, in the PNW Conference of the United Methodist Church, to join me in a Mass Virtual Choir to celebrate the season of Advent. It is a joy to invite the Regional Media Center and the Office of Connectional Ministries as partners in ministry to enable us to expand the reach of this project.
– James Payne, Clarkston UMC

Who can participate?

Singers and musicians who go to a church or ministry in the PNW Conference of the United Methodist Church.

What is the deadline?

Recordings are due to be uploaded on or before the end of the day on Sunday November 22nd.

When will the finished music be available for churches to download and incorporate in their worship?

The finished videos will be released by December 10th and will be available for churches to download and share with their congregations and or include in their worship services. Churches in the PNW Conference have permission to use these recordings in their online worship.

How to participate:

We have two songs available as options to join in singing. You may choose to sign up for one or both of the songs. Due Date for part recordings of both songs is on or before November 22nd.

  1. Click on a button below to sign up for a part on one of the songs.
  2. Download the mp3 file for your voice part and a copy of the sheet music. 
  3. Practice with the vocal track using headphones/earbuds.
  4. You will need to have two online/media devices, like a cellphone and a pc or tablet.
  5. As the accompaniment track is played on a pc or tablet (while using a headphone to listen to your part) record your part on the second device in “video selfie” mode. Start the recording device even before the accompaniment begins, this is important for the editing process. Also, do your best to smile and have a good posture during the recording process.
  6. Video yourself in landscape mode – camera/phone horizontal, not vertical. *Pro tip: Set your camera so that the lens is eye level. Avoid Looking up or down towards your device.
  7. Rename your recorded file as: NameOfPiece-name-church-voice-part(ex. GodIsWithUs-JamesPayne-ClarkstonUMC-Tenor)
  8. Upload the recording to the link provided in the email you received after signing up for your specific part.

Song 2: Away in a Manger

For questions please contact Teri Tobey at

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