Charge Conference Forms

Please complete and submit the following documents. Please give a copy to your District Superintendent and send it via email to your District Administrator at the District Service Center.

If the Charge Conference for your church is after the due date, paperwork is still due by December 15. If there needs to be a vote on something, changes in the forms can be submitted after voting.

How to download the forms below

After you click the link for the DOC or PDF file, Click on the View File button. Then look for the “Download” button in the top right-hand corner (the underlined arrow) and select “Direct Download” or “Save to my Dropbox” (if you are a Dropbox user). Download the form to your desktop and save/rename the document. Complete the form and save it again. This will allow you to easily attach the form to your email for sending to your District Superintendent and District Administrator.

Required Forms for the Fall 2022 Charge Conference

charge-ConferencesThese forms are required for all United Methodist churches across all districts in the PNW. If your church believes that they are exempt from completing any of these forms – please speak with your District Superintendent.

  1. 2023 Church Officer List | DOC | PDF
  2. Local Church Financial Audit Program | DOCPDF
  3. 2023 Pastoral Support Worksheet | (Worksheet Definitions)
  4. Pastoral Evaluation Form (done annually between charge conferences) done with S/PPRC and Pastor. (This new form replaces the SPRC Evaluation/ Competency Assessment forms we have done in the past) Please submit 1 form for each appointed pastor. | DOC
  5. 2022 Charge Conference Quick Minutes Form. Please use this form to record the votes at your pre-charge conference council meeting and your charge conference, along with those attending and voting. Submit this form to your District Superintendent after your charge conference.  | DOC | PDF
  6. Church Profile Form. Due to the Episcopal Transition this year, we are asking all Churches to update their profiles using the online Church Dashboard. To be completed by the Pastoral Leader or Church Admin. If you have questions, please contact your Administrative Assistant or District Superintendent. | Church Dashboard Link | DOC

Additional Required Documents

Also, due to the Episcopal Transition this year, we are asking all clergy to update their profiles using the People Portal. If you have questions, please contact your District Administrative Assistant.

  • Clergy Profile Long Form and Biographical Info (Due at Charge Conference) | People Portal Link

If you cannot access the people portal, please email your District Administrative Assistant or download and mail the following forms to them.

    • Clergy Profile Long Form | DOC | PDF
    • Biographical Info Form | DOC | PDF

The Clergy Continuing Education Form is also due by December 31, 2022. 

  • Clergy Continuing Education | PDF  

Please include the following forms in your submission ONLY if they apply to your congregation:

If you have a church-owned parsonage, fill out this form after your annual walk-through with the Pastor, Trustee Chairperson, and S/PPRC Chairperson:

  • Parsonage Checklist | DOCPDF
    • If your Parsonage is rented, please note that on the top of the form. It is still recommended that the trustees perform an annual walkthrough.

If you have a candidate for Ordained Ministry or a Certified Candidate or Local Pastor, fill out this form (vote also required):

  • Candidate for Ordained Ministry | PDF

If you have someone who has completed a Lay Servant Report or a Ministry course, fill out this form (vote also required):

  • Lay Servant Report and Recertification| DOCPDF

All Clergy (Retired Pastors, Honorable Location Pastors, & Extension Ministry) listing your church as their Charge Conference relationship should fill out this form if they have been active in ministry:

  • Charge Conference Report | PDF

Congregations are required to complete an accessibility audit once per this 2020-2023 quadrennium. If you choose not to complete it this year, you will need to do so in a subsequent year.

  • Accessibility Audit (2019 update) | DOC | PDF

Actions at the Annual All-Church or Charge Conference

Here are the things that MUST be voted on by the annual All-Church or Charge Conference:

  1. Election of Leaders for 2023
  2. Pastor’s Salary Package for 2023 (using the support worksheet above)
  3. Any Candidates for Ordained Ministry and/or Local Pastors
  4. Any Lay Servant Ministers and/or Certified Lay Ministers
  5. Reading of any names of inactive persons on membership rolls/voting to remove if 2nd year read… This is generally not done every year.

Here are the “Accountability Questions” asked at each annual All-Church or Charge Conference:

  1. Have the church’s financial activities been audited for 2021? (see the form above)
  2. Are your corporate status and property tax exemptions current?
  3. Is your insurance current and paid?
  4. Does your church have a current and enforced “Safe Churches” policy?
  5. Are you doing national background checks on volunteers and staff?
  6. Is your church current on its apportionments?
  7. Has your church submitted an updated profile?

Prefer to download all forms only once?

Click here to download all of the files on this page in one folder. After you click the link, look for the “Download” button in the top right-hand corner and select “Direct Download” or “Save to my Dropbox” (if you are a Dropbox user). Please refer to this page to know which files are required and which may be optional for your church.

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