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Seattle District Spring Training for Lay-Leadership

Join us at DesMoines UMC on February 20th from 9am-3pm for a powerful, fun, and inspiring training opportunity!

It begins with our opening worship as both Pacific Islander choirs and the Bellevue Korean Worship Team will gather us together as One Body.

As we float out of worship grateful for the presence of God-with-us, we’ll move into a powerful, inspiring keynote by Paul Shoemaker. Paul will guide us into new creativity as to how to change the world, specifically our part of the world. Both practical and visionary, Paul will springboard us into new dimensions of thoughtful ways to be the Body of Christ through our congregations and individual lives.

Paul Shoemaker is the Founding President of Social Venture Partners International, and one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading experts on activating social change agents.

He is the author of “Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive That Changes our World” and has received multiple awards. A compelling, dynamic speaker he has done TED talks, spoken at the United Nations and was named of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in the Nonprofit Sector .

Paul didn’t want to charge us a speaking-fee for this engagement.  Instead, we will have 100 of his books to give to those who arrive first and want to run with the ideas that inspire them from his talk. The man has something to say, so let’s engage his thought and challenge.

We’ll also be offering six different workshops:

Mission Evangelism – Rev. Dr. Bill Gibson: Director of Strategic Faith Community Development

This workshop will explore why we are planting new churches, and how each of our churches might connect with our culture and neighbors. 

Treasurers / Trustees – Rik Jamieson: Assistant Treasurer

Treasures – (Morning class) A much needed administrative nuts & bolts workshop about financial integrity within our churches.
Trustees – (Afternoon class) It’s safe to say that the Trustees deal with very complex issues.  This workshop will be full of information but plenty of time for direct and specific q/a

Mission U – Cecille Corsilles-Sy (Beacon UMC) & Marilyn Reid (Ronald UMC)

Cecille and Marilyn will guide us into deeper awareness of the fantastic on-going ministry of Mission U. Specific focus will be on “The Church and People with Disabilities”.

Worship & Music – Todd Shively (Trinity UMC)

If you know Todd then you know nothing is ever boring or irrelevant when he joins the party! Todd will guide us into the depths of creating joyfully serious worship that both deepens and guides participants into the heart of God, and into the hearts of each other. Worship is the core of our every congregation. Todd will help us explore this importance.

Discipleship Systems – The Bothell Story: Rev. DJ del Rosario

The Spirit is doing a great work at Bothell UMC. They are now the largest church in our Conference. What form of discipleship inspired the creative energy, and spiritual growth of this amazing church? What can we learn from them for our own congregation?

Legacy 101 – Tom Wilson: Executive Director of Northwest Foundation

When Tom Wilson speaks the whole Conference listens. I think of him as Mr. Integrity.

Tom will present a workshop that considers the ministry opportunities made possible by encouraging and supporting your members to make thoughtful and deliberate end-of-life plans.

This session will introduce a professional and comprehensive program called Provide & Protect that employs easy-to-use resources to transform good intentions into heart-felt testimonies and detailed instructions. This is a great session for clergy, and endowment, trustee and finance chairpersons.

Each workshop will be presented twice in a one hour format.

We’ll have a catered lunch brought to you by Taco Time that has given us a great financial deal engineered by District Lay Leader Rosalee Mohney.

The cost of this great shindig is $20 which also includes for the first 100 folk who arrive a copy of Paul Shoemaker’s book, Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive That Changes our World.

The magic of all gatherings is really dependent on the participatory openness of the gathered. What we’ve done is provided an excellent stimulus so that the Body of Christ can gather together to be open to God’s surprise. I encourage you to get the word out, bring a team from every congregation. Expect to learn. Expect to add something of value. Expect joy and gratitude.

We’ve got a global mission field here in the Seattle District. Let us strive to bend it towards Christ, so that God’s compassionate love might rule and reign until peace and joy are characteristic of all of life.

Remember – recruit a team from your congregation.

Let’s revive our Mission Field!


Healthy Boundaries 201

Understanding boundaries can help us manage the difficulties inherent in the role of clergy or spiritual teacher. Knowledge of what is appropriate, what is not, and whether an action is in the best interest of congregants or students can help us avoid possible boundary violations.

Healthy Boundaries 201 – Beyond Basics is part two of a two-part series designed to increase the awareness of the needs for healthy boundaries, illustrate the impact of healthy boundaries in promoting effective ministry, and provide guidelines for developing appropriate boundaries and necessary self-care strategies.

This “201” Healthy Boundaries training is aimed at clergy who have already completed a basic course in this Annual Conference, or an equivalent course elsewhere. After reviewing foundational concepts, the day will cover a few special topics in depth, with much time devoted to discussion of real life situations. To meet the eight hour conference requirement while allowing for lunch and breaks, an hour of preparation will be assigned to those registered two weeks ahead of time.

All clergy who desire to receive an appointment must complete 8 hours of Healthy Boundaries Trainings during the 2013-2016 quadrennium. 


Seattle District Clergy Day Apart

seattle rain copyThe Seattle District Clergy Day Apart will be on Wednesday January 6th (10-3pm) at Des Moines UMC.

Most of our time will be spent in spiritual practice and various forms of prayer.  We will be led by Jenn Peterson and are asked to come with our hearts open seeking warmth.

No business!  Just a day apart from stress and struggle.  A Sabbath break in the midst of our District cluster.

May this day be a refreshment and a delight.

* Bring your own lunch, and suitable outside wear for a mid-day stroll on the beach. (There are several places to eat if you don’t want to brown-bag it.)

You do not need to print tickets, but please REGISTER HERE so we can get an accurate head-count.

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