Unexplored Territory

Considering the contemporary argument that severe immigration enforcement is the "law of the land," Rev. Paul Graves looks to how Jesus engaged his contemporaries and their rigid application of Jewish laws. "[Jesus] knew unconditional love is the unexplored territory between those laws and the deeper meaning of those laws."

Good Brain Health and Volunteering Go Together

In a post for Nurturing Elders on the PNW News Blog, Rev. Paul Graves explores what it takes to keep the brain healthy as we age. While he wasn't surprised to find that that those who kept active through volunteering were rewarded with better brain health, he was to discover the primary importance of motivation. According to one study those who regularly volunteered lived longer "but only if their intentions were truly altruistic."

Courage to create a politics worthy of the human spirit

"I don’t want to hate anybody, especially the political leaders I vehemently disagree with," writes the Rev. Paul Graves. Reflecting on a cultural climate "where it's hard not to hate," Graves suggests that our faith offers us a better path than hate or despair if we risk opening our hearts to the world around us.