What does it mean to “take up your cross and follow me”?

By Pastor Lyn Rush Lyn Rush serves Pinoy Van-Port Ministries in Vancouver, Wash. This new church start serves Filipino Americans and immigrants with a keen...

Wandering Uganda: Serving, Changing, Growing

Denise Belista (top left), poses with children from the local community in Uganda.  Denise served as a global justice volunteer assigned to serve with...

Resource: A Gift of Music

By Peter Fraser The following worship songs were written over the last eight years, and were inspired by a need for quality worship songs with...

Light for Lima: Your Prayers Needed!

A pack of politicians is meeting this week and next in Lima, Peru to attempt to lay the groundwork for an international climate treaty...

Missionaries Visiting the PNW

Times and dates are subject to change. Information courtesy of umcmission.org. Special thanks to Joan Hackett. Jeffrey Hoover & Ellen Hoover Monday, Sept. 14 Leavenworth UMC, Potluck...

While answering a call…can you GO HOME AGAIN?

By Bailey Brawner, Elizabeth Hurd, and Maggie Ward Bailey Brawner, Elizabeth Hurd, and Maggie Ward are all M.Div students at Boston University School of Theology....

How can we nurture future leaders in their spiritual calling?

By Jesse N. Love | Photos by Pastor Dione Corsilles, the Rev. Elmar de Ocera, and Aaron Pazan Also read: “Exploration Event Guides Young Adults...

I cried today

When a local scrooge attempted to derail Ellensburg First UMC's annual Santa Breakfast with a complaint to the county Health Department, pastor Jen Stuart was moved to sadness. Those tears were soon transformed to ones of joy as she worked through the challenge and reflected on the blessing her local church is to its community and to its pastor.

Holms: Where the journey has taken me

Joan Holms, PNW Conference Lay Leader addresses the audience at opening worship at the Annual Conference Sessions 2015.   Journeys: Where the journey has taken me By Joan...

What if we’re making the wrong decisions?

By the Rev. Alissa Bertsch Johnson | Photo by Kathy Sawtells, cover illustration courtesy of Wikipedia On Oct. 22, while preaching on Moses leading the...