Perspectives from the pew and the pulpit on the 2016 United Methodist General Conference. #UMCGC

Resource: #UMCGC Prayer Service for a local church

This week, pastors across the United Methodist connection are preparing for their weekly Sunday worship services just...

Just Tell Your Story

"Story telling just hasn’t made enough difference." Amory Peck, former PNW Conference Lay Leader and delegate to a number of General Conferences, shares her story of advocating for change in The United Methodist Church and her take on the Uniting Methodist Movement. She believes their proposal to be a overreaching call for unity in the church "done on the backs of too, too many children of God."

Living with Tension, Standing for Justice

By Irene DeMaris  We knew where the speaker was heading. Every word he spoke clearly led to one extremely specific topic. Each and every word we...

Another perspective on the “Action of Non-Conformity with the General Conference”

By Rev. Daniel Foster | Puget Sound District Superintendent The following column is republished with permission from July 8th "Spirit of Puget Sound" district newsletter...

The Parable of the Rubber Chickens

If this guy can squeeze music out of rubber chickens, just imagine what God could do with a United Methodist Church that was ready to love.

#UMCGC Reflection: A New Unity — a gift from and to the local church

By Rev. Richenda Fairhurst May 18, 2016 | Portland, Oregon We who pastor at the local church level are by and large leading struggling churches. Today’s pastoral...

A Dream for the Church

By Rev. Richenda Fairhurst May 20, 2016 | Camas, Washington I dreamed last night of people gathered around a table. They sat against earthy plush cushions—real people...

On Sore Feet and Broken Hearts

By Rev. Peter K. Perry, Olympia First UMC Last Sunday we had over 50 people walking in the annual CROP Walk from First Olympia, raising...

We Make the Road by Walking Gayly Forward

"[W]e are in a battle for the soul of our denomination," writes the Rev. Zach Taylor in commentary on the PNW News Blog. Taylor shares how the church he is planting in Walla Walla responded to General Conference tumult in a way faithful to their identity.

A Weak, Foolish and Despised Way Forward

Commentary by Rev. Kathy Neary Far from the Mind of Christ “Let the...