Where is this journey of United Methodism going?

Nancy Tam Davis, PNWAC Lay Leader I am reminded of that saying about the thousand-mile journey and how it begins with a single step. Without...

Reasons to Believe

By the Rev. Pat Simpson | Seattle District Superintendent OOn the radio this morning I heard a Jewish father and a Muslim mother talk about...

Spiritual Formation:  Our Search for Meaning

“How can we make disciples if we don’t know what one looks like?” Retired Pastor “We can’t hope to transform the world until we ourselves are...

Prophetic Grace in a Manger

"When we celebrate Jesus’ birth only as a “Jesus sweet and mild” newborn, we unconsciously dismiss the radically prophetic message his birth and whole life embodied." Rev. Paul Graves challenges us to see the birth of Christ as the bold unmerited gift of grace that it is.

Toppenish church to celebrate 120 years and counting!

Eli Martinez, co-lead pastor for New Harvest Fellowship in Toppenish, WA, sees the upcoming celebration of 120 years of a Methodist presence in the community as an opportunity to renew ministry to a city dealing with fear from recent shootings.

May U Journey On

Rev. Ferdinand Llenado went through a faith crisis as he experienced a paradigm shift from fundamentalism towards inclusive thinking. In this post on the PNW News Blog, Llenado shares several benedictions from his recently published book, shaped by this faith journey through the U.

The Real Easter is…

In a letter to his church, Rev. Mike Graef names some of the disappointment many feel celebrating Easter in these COVID-19 times. While sharing this disappointment, he reminds us that the true Easter experience doesn't require these things.

Past, Present, and Future

By Pastor Nathan Hollifield | Originally in The Spire Time is a curious sort of thing when we begin to reflect on it deeply. Most of...

Devotional: From Ice to Fire

…and it shall be that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your...

Ministry, Transitions, and the Spirit at Work

Awaken my soul, come awake To hunger, to seek, to thirst Awaken first love And do as you did at first - Fall Afresh, Jeremy Riddle By Rachael Phelps | Ministry...