#UMCGC extends “one small step of sacramental rights” to deacons

Today, delegates approved Petition 60489 which says, "ffering the means of grace to the world, the resident bishop of an annual conference in which the...

United Methodists celebrate Pride in Seattle

Members of more than a dozen Seattle-area United Methodist churches came out in force to participate in Sunday’s annual Pride Parade. The Rev. David Valera spoke with several United Methodists in attendance to find out what it meant to them.

PNW Board of Ordained Ministry will resist discriminatory GC2019 restrictions

A letter was sent earlier this month to ministerial candidates in the PNW Conference in response to the harmful actions of General Conference 2019. In reassurance, it offers "that the actions of General Conference do not and will not change our statement or our current practice..."

Ronald Commons: Partnering to Bridge the Sacred and the Secular

Ronald United Methodist Church in Shoreline, Wash. partners with Hopelink and Compass Housing Alliance (and many others) to create Ronald Commons - a future...

The Well: Prophetic Speech in Our Public Commons (Video)

Katie Ladd welcomes Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood to experience The Well – a place for great conversation in an intimate sharing space. Today, famed author,...

insideout: What if we focused on abundance?

Revs. William (Bill) Gibson and David Valera have teamed up to produce a new video series called insideout which aims to inspire people to...

Call to the church to observe Global Migration Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

Brothers and Sisters of The United Methodist Church, Grace and peace to you in the compassionate name of our Lord Christ Jesus. I write to you on...

Resource: A Gift of Music

By Peter Fraser The following worship songs were written over the last eight years, and were inspired by a need for quality worship songs with...

How do we see the shades of our faith? #UMCGC

Video by Patrick Scriven May 16, 2016 | Portland, Oregon “We do need to be seen; we do need to see each other. If we can’t...

Mountain Sky United Methodists Introduce Bishop Karen Oliveto

DENVER, Sept. 22 – United Methodist leaders representing five Western U.S. states today released a video introducing their new bishop, Karen Oliveto, a leader...