The Well: Prophetic Speech in Our Public Commons (Video)

Katie Ladd welcomes Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood to experience The Well – a place for great conversation in an intimate sharing space. Today, famed author,...

WJ Bishops respond to harmful General Conference, recommit to full inclusion

The WJ College of Bishops offers this statement to a church finding itself harmed once again by a General Conference incapable of making space...

2017 Clergy Age Report Shows Decrease in Number of Young Elders

WASHINGTON, DC – The trend of a modest but steady increase in the number of clergy under 35 has stalled, according to the Clergy...

insideout: Dispelling the Myth of Best Practices

This episode of insideout explores the essential role of deep listening in fostering true innovation, and what that means for a church often fixated on ‘best practices.’ According to Rev. Dr. William (Bill) Gibson, “it’s a mistake to think that a best practice is a silver bullet answer for a declining church that lacks innovation and creativity.”

Resource: A Gift of Music

By Peter Fraser The following worship songs were written over the last eight years, and were inspired by a need for quality worship songs with...

Watch Annual Conference live on Youtube!

By Patrick Scriven | Director of Communications, Young People's Ministries As we have in previous years, the PNW Office of Connectional Ministries will be taking advantage...

GCAH: 2018 Marks the beginning of a Jubilee for United Methodists

Did you know that 2018 marks the 50th year anniversary of The United Methodist Church? In the newsletter for the General Commission on Archives and History, General Secretary Rev. Fred Day looks back to this pivotal moment in 1968 (in the church and the nation), and the hope enunciated by Albert Outler that the #UMC would be a "bold choice of unity in the face of the surrounding chaos."

Reconciling pastor dropped from Opening Worship for direct mention of LGBTQ community

Updated with an additional comment from #UMCGC Worship Director Rev. Laura Jaquith Barlett. Story By Patrick Scriven | Video by Rev. David Valera May 10, 2016...

Puget Sound District goes back to its Roots…and Wings!

Puget Sound District goes back to its Roots...and Wings! By Kyle A. Franklin with Jesse N. Love | Narrated by Sarah B. Robinson On January 30,...

PNW WJ Fresh Summit Report

During the Western Jurisdiction Fresh United Methodism Summit, attendees received a number of reports from jurisdictional leadership and workgroups. Annual Conferences were also invited...