When it comes to email, being skeptical is a good practice

When it comes to churches and other non-profits, fraudsters are most eager to take advantage of the benevolence and trusting nature of...

UMC Cyber Campus Offers Education Anytime, Anywhere

By Vicki Brown* Training materials for annual conference Boards of Ordained Ministry, presentations from a churchwide sexual ethics summit, and a lecture by a well-known...

The Church of the Resurrection and the Eschatology of Despair

By Patrick Scriven, Director of Communications & Young People’s Ministries News of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection's $90 million plan to overhaul their...

The ‘Hymn for the 81%’ and the problem of a weaponized faith

A new hymn has been circulating online over the past few days that has resonated with people both inside and outside the Church. Patrick Scriven considers why this song has resonated with many, particularly those frustrated with a partisan Christianity aligned against its social teachings.

insideout: Dispelling the Myth of Best Practices

This episode of insideout explores the essential role of deep listening in fostering true innovation, and what that means for a church often fixated on ‘best practices.’ According to Rev. Dr. William (Bill) Gibson, “it’s a mistake to think that a best practice is a silver bullet answer for a declining church that lacks innovation and creativity.”

This Year, Reclaim Christmas

The United Methodist Church advertising has begun – contrasting the usual sales ads with an alternative: Reclaim Christmas. How does your local church benefit from...

United Methodists celebrate Pride in Seattle

Members of more than a dozen Seattle-area United Methodist churches came out in force to participate in Sunday’s annual Pride Parade. The Rev. David Valera spoke with several United Methodists in attendance to find out what it meant to them.

Growing up as a child of immigrants in the United States

The following story will appear in this week's PNW News Digest. If you are not a subscriber, click here to join our...

How to get media coverage for your church event or program

Reporters and news editors may be interested in an event you're hosting or project you're involved in — especially if it benefits groups of people within your community. When your church captures positive media attention, it's priceless free promotion for you.

GCAH: 2018 Marks the beginning of a Jubilee for United Methodists

Did you know that 2018 marks the 50th year anniversary of The United Methodist Church? In the newsletter for the General Commission on Archives and History, General Secretary Rev. Fred Day looks back to this pivotal moment in 1968 (in the church and the nation), and the hope enunciated by Albert Outler that the #UMC would be a "bold choice of unity in the face of the surrounding chaos."