Board of Laity Members

The PNW Conference Board of Laity

The Board of Laity is an all-volunteer group. Each District Lay Leader is elected at from the District they represent.  The Conference and Associate Lay Leaders are elected every four years (alternating) at Annual Conference.  Additional members serve on the Board as part of their service in other Conference agencies. Members generally serve one quadrennium (4 years) unless their positions specify a different duration.

Conference Lay Leader:  Joan Holms, Email

Associate Lay Leader:  David Reinholz, Emailphoto 2

My role is to develop committed and engaged lay members who can work with clergy partners to live out our mutual call to ministry. I believe that discipleship is simply building relationships within our churches and in the community, and that transformation of the world begins with the transformation of the individual human heart.

Lay Servant Ministries:  Kathryn Garnett, Email

559Lay Communicator: Megan Kilpatrick, Email

My role is to celebrate community building within the conference, strengthen connections between conference resources and local churches, and share the great work we are doing in building disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Inland District Lay Leader:  Connie McBride, Email


Puget Sound District Lay Leader:  Noriko Lao, Email GetAttachment

My role is to take part in carrying out the mission of the Board of Laity and serve as conduit between the Conference and local churches in my district by providing information and resources so that we can together become active advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Seven Rivers District Lay Leader:  Karen Fisher, Email

I believe that we need strong relationships and connections creating energy among the laity of the PNW.  Active, energetic laity working together with clergy create vital churches with exciting ministries that will transform our world.  It is our role to provide opportunities and places for laity to build relationships and make connections.

Seattle District Lay Leader:  Rosalee Mohney, Email

Tacoma District Lay Leader:  Lanora Callahan, Email

Vancouver District Lay Leader: Douglas Evans, Email

United Methodist Women:  Jenni Yeoh, Email

I believe that my role as the UMW Conference President is to inspire, encourage and motivate the women of our conference to live out the purpose and vision of the UMW: putting “faith and love into action” on behalf of women, children and youth. We are called to create fellowship, reach out to those in need, feed the hungry, and advocate for justice.

United Methodist Men:  Jim Russell, Email

Conference Committee on Youth Ministries:  Josh Shin, Email

Conference Committee on Young Adult Ministries:  Karyn Kuan, Email

Conference Committee on Older Adult Ministries:  Paul Graves

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