Invitation from Bishop Stanovsky

Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference,


With joyful anticipation, I invite you to the 145th session of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, June 22-24, 2018. It will be held at the Showplex Center on the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. While we will formally begin Friday morning with Opening Worship, members with pre-conference meetings, and those who are traveling a distance, may wish to plan their arrivals for Thursday.

Please come back to this site for the latest information of registration, housing options, and the business of this year’s session.


The theme for 2018 will build on last year’s: Do this and you will live, based on Luke 10:25-28, where the young lawyer asks Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. We’ll ask ourselves and God, Do what? Or, what does love look like? We’ll celebrate surprising, life-changing adventures in ministry across the Conference, meet new staff, hear from the Greater Northwest Area-wide Innovation Cultivation Team, and more. . .


Special guests include: 

  • Donna Pritchard, senior pastor of Portland First United Methodist Church and member of the Commission on A Way Forward will help us understand the work to chart a way for United Methodists of with very different understandings and attitudes toward human sexuality to live and serve God’s mission together.
  • Greater Northwest Innovation Cultivation Team, new Congregational Vitality Developer, Leroy Barber joins Rev. Bill Gibson, Kristina Gonzalez and Rev. Shalom Agtarap.
  • Dr. Brian Brown, ordained elder in the West Ohio Conference, serving as senior pastor of WoodlawnFaith United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Brown will help us see how peace in the world, the nation, the church and our families begins in our hearts as he introduces us to The Anatomy of Peace. In preparation for Annual Conference, I hope you will buy and read The Anatomy of Peace, Resolving the Heart of Conflict, published by the Arbinger Institute. ($9.99 at Cokesbury)

Most of all, we will experience the fresh presence of God’s Holy Spirit in the gathered community in worship, table conversations, and tending the connectional relationships that make us stronger together than we could ever be separately.


Our Church stands on the firm foundation of love for God and one another. As United Methodists around the world are searching for a Way Forward that maintains the unity of the Church, YOUR FULL PARTICIPATION IN ANNUAL CONFERENCE IS ESSENTIAL to increase our shared experience and discernment and to hold one another in love. I invite and expect clergy and lay members to be fully present for the entire scheduled time. Just as lay members often miss work and other obligations to be present, clergy are expected to prioritize Conference Sunday, June 24, away from their local churches if necessary. Annual Conference is one of the minimal requirements for clergy. Absences must be reported to the Conference Secretary. Local Churches should make plans to worship without your pastor on Sunday, June 24, as necessary to allow their full participation and travel home.

I can’t wait to be with you in Puyallup, singing praises, sharing faith stories, and peering into an uncertain future, searching for a path that God is preparing for us to walk. Thank you for your faithfulness. God is doing a new thing.  Can you see it?

Living in faith,

Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky | Greater NW Area

Need Help?

If you have questions about registration, please contact our AC Registrar, Gretchen Engle - (206) 870-6835.

PNWAC18 Session

Washington State Fairgrounds
Showplex Center | Puyallup, WA
June 22 to June 24, 2018 

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