A celebration of service – #pnwac18

By Pastor Scott W. Rosekrans

On Saturday morning, we celebrated the retirements of those remarkable individuals who have lived a life devoted to serving Jesus Christ through pastoral ministry. The Rev. Mark McMurray called us to order to celebrate those God called into ministry.

We began in song singing This is the Day of New Beginnings which served as a reminder that this does not mark an end, but the beginning of a new chapter in their lives in serving God because, as we know, there is no such thing as a retired Methodist minister.

Revs. Mike Lawson, Rachel Neer and Jen Stuart provide a dramatic reading on a familiar parable.

We were treated to the story of the Good Samaritan, a reminder of the untold numbers of lives touched by these retirees that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Their service was then acknowledged by the bishop as they received their retired clergy pins.

I had the opportunity to visit with one retiring elder, current Puget Sound District Superintendent Daniel Foster. I asked Daniel for some words of wisdom for those newly commissioned and he said, “Never forget your connection to Jesus Christ and that your connection to Christ is the key to your success in the ministry.”  I asked about favorite memories to which he said there were many but planting a church at Cornerstone UMC stands out.

When asked what he would do differently he said he would have worked harder at recruiting and training effective leaders. He shared that it has been an absolutely wonderful privilege to serve Jesus Christ in the Pacific Northwest and he couldn’t believe how blessed he was.

We are blessed by the service of all the retirees. Well done good and faithful servants. We thank you for your example and inspiration. May God continue to bless you and keep you close.

Scott Rosekrans serves as pastor to the people of Community United Methodist Church in Port Hadlock, Washington.

Retirements Recognized at 2018 Annual Conference

Janette Anderson  |   41 years of service

Patricia Beeman   |   27.25 years of service

K Bramstedt   |   11 years of service

Barbara Caviezel   |   24 years of service

L. Daniel Foster   |   35 years of service

Anne Hayes   |   20 years of service

John Hunsberger    |   45 years of service

Lindsy Ireland   |   27.75 years of service

Steven Poole   |   28.17 years of service

Wendy Riddle   |   14 years of service

Marta Schellberg   |   25.5 years of service

James Watson   |   32.25 years of service

In total, our retirees have offered 330.92 years of service in ministry to the church and the world.


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