Bishop Jack and Marjorie Tuell Center for Leadership Excellence

Tuell Center

The gifts and resources of our local churches vary almost as much as the needs of the communities we serve. We know that, given our wide-ranging mission, greatly diverse communities and dynamic context for ministry, no single solution, program or model will work in every church.

Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all program, the Bishop Jack and Marjorie Tuell Center for Leadership Excellence utilizes an integrated system of learning and practice to provide training, resources and support to nurture lay and clergy leaders in meeting the challenge of adapting the Church to effectively serve today’s world. Additionally, the Tuell Center is focused on evolving our leadership culture for clergy to actively engage our laity to apply their existing leadership skills in new ways to revitalize our church and communities.

The Tuell Center is not the answer to all our churches’ problems, but is the vehicle by which we find the answers to some of the core questions facing our churches today. It will be a virtual center with an integrated approach to adult learning that is flexible, practical and outcome-oriented with the goal of supporting clergy and lay leadership to minister effectively today.

      Flexible: The Tuell Center will offer on-site and digital connections to the best and most innovative thinkers of today in religion, theology, organizational development, change theory, stewardship, culture and community engagement, among others.

Practical: Revitalization of the local church, regardless of where they are in their life-cycle, takes place in the local church with energy from the local church. The Tuell Center will develop a process in which the local church will assess its ministries, discern its future, implement change and evaluate its efforts.

Outcome-oriented: The Tuell Center will walk alongside leaders and congregations as they do the hard work of letting go of what is no longer relevant and living into what God calls them to do for new life. Accompaniment will be through a network of coaches and consultants who will ask the right questions, push the edges, hold accountability to the goal and help leaders and congregations to integrate theory, practice and evaluation.

The network of coaches will provide appropriate coaching to assist leaders in applying and integrating new learnings in their ministry context. The benefit of utilizing this system with the Pacific Northwest Conference is its adaptability to the unique set of challenges and opportunities each church in our conference faces daily. As opposed to a generalized training approach, this model enables the coaches to work with the church leaders to customize a plan that fits their needs.

Feedback from participants, coaches and consultants paired with concrete metrics on the success of enacting real change will feed the research component of the Tuell Center by providing the experiential data required to inform the next phase of project and resource development. Along with measuring the benefit of content and resources, the way we assess our success as a conference will need to be evaluated. Understanding what questions to ask and what measures to track are equally vital in gaining a nuanced understanding of what’s working and what’s not for the life of the church.

CLICK HERE to download full Bishop Jack and Marjorie Tuell Center on Leadership Excellence strategy, methodology and start-up budget description document.

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