Sacred Site: Lazy F Camp and the Work of God

Why I am Giving to the Lazy F Campaign Again

Campers sing during worship at Explorers Camp at Lazy F in 2016.

By the Rev. John Brewer

Over decades of observations, I can be clear on at least one thing… God is at work in our Pacific Northwest Camps. I have seen countless people drawn closer to God and to one another when they are involved in outdoor retreat and camping experiences.

Lazy F Camp, located near Ellensburg and in the center of the Pacific Northwest Conference, is just such a place. Men can relax at men’s retreats is a way they do not in their local church. Youth find confirmation for their faith under the wonder and beauty of God’s starry nights. In the glow of a campfire, souls are one again, or maybe for the first time, woven together with God’s Holy Spirit burning in their hearts.

Most, but not all of you, know that Lazy F is close to achieving a long held dream of a new dining hall. Please, go to their website and read more about this tremendous project that will add to the campus for many years to come! Making A PLACE AT THE TABLE is about accommodating the growing crowds that absolutely love this place all year long! There has simply not been enough room to feed meals properly – until this vision developed and the new dining hall was designed.

The $1.4 million dollar goal is what is needed to break ground this spring. The goal is within reach if we can get more of you involved with contributions! I have given already to this campaign. I am going to give again. Soon. Why?

Because I believe Lazy F is sacred ground and that it is a place where God is at work shaping the hearts of people of every age. I have prayed there. I have baptized people in the creek. I have sung around the campfires. I have had life changing conversations with individuals and families alike.

As I write this, I know that another $10,000 or more will help guarantee that ground breaking event this spring! If you haven’t given yet, please do. If your church has not been involved, pray (and then act!) about what your congregation may do to support this project. If you or your church have already given, please find one more way to raise a few dollars for this great cause. This camp is OUR camp and we want to make sure it can serve well those generations to come.

I hope to see you at the ground breaking in a few months!

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