Mark your calendars for Lazy Daze 2017!

September 12-14 at Lazy F Retreat Center in Ellensburg, Washington.

Participants of the 2016 Lazy Daze retreat engage in a group discussion.

By Rosalee Mohney

It’s a HOT Summer and September is not far off! Join with a great group of fellow retirement-aged Methodists and friends for a refreshing retreat!

The discussions are going to center on generational topics: The Silent (Greatest) Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials. What makes us all tick; and do we really want to listen to each other and why should we? How has each generation put its stamp on the way we live? Do we see God and church in the same way?

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These questions and more will be the focus of Lazy Daze, the Annual Retreat for Older Adults (approximately retirement age, but no one is excluded), that is held at the Lazy F Retreat Center near Ellensburg, Wash. The 2017 dates are Tuesday – Thursday, September 12–14.

In addition to our lively discussions, we will be ‘raising the musical’ roof with music from across the generations and taking a look at the trends that have shaped our lives. Anyone want to wear their Bobby-sox? Chemise? Grunge? Bell-bottoms? Hoodies? Preppy? Narrow ties vs wide ties debate? Flower power? Rock and roll?

In addition, there is free time, wonderful meals, get acquainted time and the always favorite discussion on favorite books and movies we’ve encountered this past year.

It is not too early to get these dates on church calendars, put an announcement in your church newsletters, or post on an Event Bulletin Board. It’s the middle of summer and not too late to let people know about this fun event.

Don’t forget to register for this year’s event! One person said the 2016 experience was a “Reawakening for her,” and when I asked her if she was going again, she said she wouldn’t miss it!

I hope to see you in September at Lazy Daze!

Rosalee Money is serving as dean for the 2017 Lazy Daze retreat. You can reach her by email at

Before you go: Watch a video from last year’s retreat!

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