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Climate Vigil Lanterns!
An Easy Intergenerational Earth Day Activity
By the Rev. Jenny Phillips

Important dates:
April 22: Earth Day • May 12: Climate Vigil at General Conference 2016 • VOLUNTEER!


NEWS_CC_Lanterns2The Pacific Northwest Conference is hosting an evening prayer vigil for the climate at General Conference in May. We are inviting United Methodists worldwide to make or decorate paper lanterns representing their prayers for God’s creation and for communities impacted by climate change. These lanterns will be carried by delegates and visitors at General Conference.

Decorating store-bought lanterns with colored tissue paper is an easy, fun way to start a climate conversation in your church.


Here’s how you do it:
1. Gather supplies: paper lanterns, tissue, paint brushes, scissors and glue.
2. Cut tissue paper into pieces.
3. Use a paintbrush to apply watered-down glue to lantern.
4. Stick the tissue to the lantern, then apply another coat of glue.
5. Add a tag with your prayer for the climate.
6. Mail it to Nancy Kuch at the Conference Office, P.O. Box 13650, Des Moines, WA 98198.

Need more content? A discussion guide is available at the climate vigil website: www.pnwumc.org/climatevigil.

Want to think bigger? We need large-scale lanterns! Love to sew? We have ideas for hand-sewn lanterns! Like to make things out of found objects? Awesome! Find tons of fresh ideas on our Pinterest board! http://ow.ly/YmMz6

The Rev. Jenny Phillips serves as Minister for
Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy for the PNWUMC.


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