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Coverage of General Conference 2012 particularly relevant to United Methodists in the Western Jurisdiction and/or provided by UMNS or the WJ media pool.

The First Step is Always the Hardest

By the Rev. Dr. William D. Gibson | Photos by Patrick Scriven and Teri Tobey View photos from this event. Seattle, Wash. - How do we discern, engage, and start something...

Western Jurisdiction Bishops Offer Pastoral Response to #UMC Related to Judicial Council Decision

The members of the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops of The United Methodist Church today presented a pastoral message to the church during the meeting of the denomination’s Council of Bishops in Dallas, Texas. The message is the bishops’ response to United Methodist Judicial Council Decision 1341 regarding Bishop Karen Oliveto’s Election.

A statement from the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky released this statement this evening speaking on behalf of the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops. The statement offers a response to the ruling of the Judicial Council regarding the election of an out, gay bishop.

Judicial Council ruling finds #UMC Book of Discipline incapable of contextual adaptation

The Rev. Mary Huycke, first elected clergy delegate from the PNW and chair of the WJ Episcopacy Committee, responds to the ruling released by the Judicial Council today. Huycke writes that it was "our church law that was on trial here." The ruling confirms for her that the Book of Discipline lacks the ability to adapt "during a time of transition."

Opinion: The Cost of Unity

"It is time for us to start talking about what we agree on and what we can do well together instead of arguing about what divides us." In an opinion piece, the Rev. Austin Adkinson expresses his desire for a continuing unity but, unapologetically, is not willing to accept unity that comes "at the expense of our LGBTQI siblings in faith."

How we got here: Looking back at the nine months since Bishop Oliveto’s election

Next week the United Methodist Judicial Council will be meeting to consider a petition from the South Central Jurisdiction which questions the election, consecration and assignment of Bishop Karen Oliveto. Here's a look at the coverage of Oliveto's first nine months as a #UMC bishop.

Where we are going: What’s next for the #UMC as we await the Judicial...

A recap of a busy week filled with news about the Judicial Council as they consider a challenge to the election of The United Methodist Church's first out lesbian bishop, updates from the Commission on a Way Forward, and Council of Bishops on General Conference 2019.

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky’s Post-Judicial Council Hearing Remarks

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky shares her prepared remarks for the press conference which followed Judicial Council oral arguments on April 25, 2017 in Newark, NJ. She restates the argument that jurisdictional autonomy in electing bishops is "at the heart of our unity-in-diversity" and confirms that obedient love, not defiance, guides the WJ's decision making.

WJ makes case that Bishop Oliveto’s election is legal

In a much-awaited moment, the Western Jurisdiction today told The United Methodist Judicial Council that last July’s election of Mountain Sky Area Bishop Karen Oliveto complied with church law.

Bishops say pray, don’t be afraid as Judicial Council weighs decision

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Council of Bishops President Bishop Bruce Ough has called on all United Methodists to pray unceasingly, intentionally and earnestly for the unity of the church as...