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A statement from the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky released this statement this evening speaking on behalf of the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops. The statement offers a response to the ruling of the Judicial Council regarding the election of an out, gay bishop.

How we got here: Looking back at the nine months since Bishop Oliveto’s election

Next week the United Methodist Judicial Council will be meeting to consider a petition from the South Central Jurisdiction which questions the election, consecration and assignment of Bishop Karen Oliveto. Here's a look at the coverage of Oliveto's first nine months as a #UMC bishop.

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky’s Post-Judicial Council Hearing Remarks

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky shares her prepared remarks for the press conference which followed Judicial Council oral arguments on April 25, 2017 in Newark, NJ. She restates the argument that jurisdictional autonomy in electing bishops is "at the heart of our unity-in-diversity" and confirms that obedient love, not defiance, guides the WJ's decision making.

WJ makes case that Bishop Oliveto’s election is legal

In a much-awaited moment, the Western Jurisdiction today told The United Methodist Judicial Council that last July’s election of Mountain Sky Area Bishop Karen Oliveto complied with church law.

Council of Bishops to call for 2019 General Conference

St. Simons Island, Ga.: Through an affirmative vote at their fall meeting this week, the United Methodist Council of Bishops expressed their intent to call for a special session...

Council of Bishops Names 32 Commission Members

Washington, D.C. The United Methodist Council of Bishops has announced the membership of the Commission on a Way Forward. "After three months of diligent and prayerful discernment, we have selected...

Council of Bishops follows tradition with letter to the church

Washington, D.C.: Reviving a tradition that is more than a century old, the United Methodist Council of Bishops sent this letter today to the people of The United Methodist...

May 20 wrap-up: Budget passes, with increase

By Joey Butler May 20, 2016 | PORTLAND, Ore. (UMNS) Budget passes with slight increase General Conference delegates on May 20 approved a general church budget of $604 million for 2017-2020, a slight increase...

Bid to divest from settlements fails

By Erik Alsgaard May 20, 2016 | PORTLAND, Ore. (UMNS) An amendment offered during debate on socially responsible investing that sought to divest from illegal settlements on occupied lands failed 559-167....

GC2016 rejects divestment on fossil fuels

By Sam Hodges May 20, 2016 | PORTLAND, Ore. (UMNS) After prolonged, impassioned debate, General Conference 2016 chose not to add a fossil fuels investment screen for the United Methodist Board...