Project Transformation fills the gap when school doesn’t start

Project Transformation: Pacific Northwest, an educational ministry of The United Methodist Church, has stepped in to provide food, fun and fellowship during teacher contract negotiations in Clark County, Washington.

New Scholarship fund empowers PNW Conference to offer grants to 16 students

In 2016, the PNW Conference made a change in its budget to reallocate existing support for student education to a new Scholarship Fund available to United Methodist students from the Pacific Northwest. This spring, the first round of student applications were received and grants awarded totaling $24,000.

Apply today to be a Global Mission Fellow!

The Global Mission Fellows Program has 4 positions available in the US for young adults (ages 20-30) feeling called to work in direct service and/or advocacy with immigration populations. All applications must be received on or before June 5, so don’t delay in applying or sharing this opportunity!

Young Adult Network Seeks Applicants for Second Cohort in Ecumenism Training

With the first UMEIT (United Methodist Ecumenical and Interreligious Training): Young Adult Network training coming to an end, it is time for a new cohort of young adults to...

Taming the Bear: Fight, flight, or freeze

The three instinctual responses to conflict: fight, flight, and freeze, are hard wired in us. Project Transformation: PNW director Rev. Rachel Neer was reminded of this fact as she participated in a recent Poverty Immersion. The opportunity also gave her new insight into the daily threat of poverty to families and the importance of the kinds of support they offer to children.

Project Transformation is a lot of things

By Rev. Rachel Neer  Time and time again I am asked to attend church meetings, school groups, and community events to share about Project Transformation.  People are fascinated by the...

PNW United Methodists follow students lead in gun control marches

United Methodists across the PNW Conference participated in March For Our Lives rallies last weekend. We take a look at some of the different ways they have been listening, supporting and taking action alongside the young leaders of this movement.

And the children shall lead us…

According to Patrick Scriven, the advocacy of young people in the wake of last week's school shooting is both inspiring and unsettling. It's inspiring because it may be making a difference but it's unsettling because it also speaks to the brokenness of institutions like the federal government and The United Methodist Church.

What is Project Transformation?

By the Rev. Rachel Neer Project Transformation: Pacific Northwest is a ministry of The United Methodist Church whose mission is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support...

Who is God to us? What does God mean to you?

By Nica Sy | Photos by Hazel Rollolazo and Kevin Tabora Christmas Institute 2017, or CI, challenged campers to question, explore, and discover the role of Jesus in their lives...