Commentary: The Simple Way to “Do No Harm”

In commentary written for the PNW News Blog, the Rev. Austin Adkinson expresses disappointment in the One Church Plan (OCP) which codifies provisions allowing for continued discrimination. He argues that the Simple Plan offers a better route for Methodists intent on following Wesley's admonition to "do no harm."

Preparing for the Unknown

How can we get ready for General Conference when so many things are up in the air? Rev. Elizabeth Ingram Schindler shares how the PNW delegation has been preparing itself for the special session of General Conference later this month and offers suggestions on how United Methodists can do the same.

Remembering that God is bigger than our institutions

“Love is bigger than our structures and our fraught attempts to follow the Way of Jesus.” As she looks forward toward the 2019 General Conference in less than a month, Skylar Marston-Bihl finds herself considering the history of the denomination, and the tension that has always existed between grace and structure. Skylar is a member of the 2019 PNW delegation to General Conference and the first-elected lay delegate for 2020.

The Parable of the Rubber Chickens

If this guy can squeeze music out of rubber chickens, just imagine what God could do with a United Methodist Church that was ready to love.

Wrestling with God in St. Louis: A Biblical Reflection

When United Methodists gather in St. Louis next month, Rev. Paul Graves is expecting something akin to a "wresting match". According to Graves, the story of Jacob could provide some helpful insights to delegates and observers of the General Conference.

I am not a divider, am I?

In 1991, Roxy and Michelle started to attend Ashland United Methodist Church. In this powerful look back, the church's current pastor, Rev. Richenda Fairhurst, shares the tragic story of what followed, and how love responded.

PNW delegates share their hopes for General Conference 2019

Introduction by Patrick Scriven Last week I had the opportunity to spend a day with our Pacific Northwest Delegation to the 2019 General...

Rev. Mary Huycke hopes for Spirit-led discernment at 2019 General Conference

First-elected PNW Clergy Delegate to General Conference 2019, Rev. Mary Kohlstaedt Huycke, shares this short message expressing her hopes for the time next month in February. One hope is that delegates will engage not in "decision-making" but in real discernment that is open to the Holy Spirit.

Talking with your church about General Conference 2019

As the special session of General Conference grows closer, it is expected that the curiosity of the average United Methodist will grow. Rev. Debbie Sperry shares one way she is working to keep her members well-informed and engaged in conversation.

Statement from the Council of Bishops regarding the Judicial Council Decision

In service to the delegates of the 2019 Special Session of the General Conference, the Council of Bishops asked for a declaratory decision of the Judicial Council regarding the...