Immigration Ministries

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Jesus of Nazareth in Matthew 25:35

Resources For Growing As Immigrant Welcoming Churches And Communities

Resources on Deferred Action

  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project: LINK
  • Church World Service: LINK
  • Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON): LINK
  • White House information page: LINK
  • More details available from the coalition Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation: LINK

Other Recent Resources

 The United Methodist Church and Immigration

Support Just and Humane Immigration Reform:

  • Church World Service working together for immigration reform.
  • Not #1 More: a campaign to stop the deportations of detainees at least until immigration reform is passed.
  • One America is a Washington state group organizing for immigration reform with resources on immigration policy, immigration and human rights, and community organizing.
  • Interfaith Immigration Coalition is helping coordinate faith communities working together for immigration reform. The United Methodist Task Force on Immigration and the General Board of Church and Society are coordinating closely with this coalition. They have many up to date resources for church and community use en working for immigration reform.
  • PNW Welcomes the Immigrant Facebook group. Join this group as a way to participate in the dialogue and stay up-to-date on immigration reform and ministry of the PNW.
  • American Friends Service Committee–Immigration Rights: AFSC is working for U.S. immigration policy that protects the human rights of all people.

Learning about Immigration

Study Guides


  • Jasmine’s Story: a 12 minute story of a United Methodist Church and a teenage girl left alone in the US when her parents were targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Free from ReThink Church/Immigration.
  • Arizona: State of Fear: A documentary about immigrants in Arizona which includes conversation with United Methodist Bishop Minerva Carcaño. Regional Media Center (PNW Office)
  • Lives for Sale: A documentary on immigration and human trafficking with specific stories recounted. Regional Media Center (PNW Office)
  • Which Way Home? The story of children and teenagers immigrating to the US from Central America by riding on trains through Mexico. In Spanish with English subtitles. Regional Media Center (PNW Office)
  • Lost in Detention: a PBS Frontline report on private detention centers for immigrants.
  • Divided We Fall: A documentary film made by a young American woman of the Sikh faith who travels across the United States after September 11, 2011 to try to understand hate crimes and what it is to be American. This has to be purchased.
  • The Visitor: Tells the story of a surprise encounter and relationship between a grieving professor and two young immigrants. Commercially available.
  • The Kite Runner: Follows the lives of a family fleeing war in their home country. Commercially available.
  • A Day Without a Mexican: An R rated comedy. California wakes up to a day in which 1/3 of the population have disappeared and it turns out that the disappeared are of Hispanic/Latino backgrounds. Commercially available.

United States and immigration

The Northwest:

Resources for immigrants (and those walking with them):

  • The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is a non-profit organization providing direct legal services to low-income immigrants.
  • tch-immigration-services-ConvertedTacoma Community House is a United Methodist related non-profit community center providing many resources to immigrants such as social and immigration services and classes in English and GED preparation.
  • Catholic Legal Network, Inc. has resources to help churches and community groups understand and respond to immigrant legal needs.
  • Northwest Detention Center Roundtable has a case manager to work with immigrants in relationship to the detention center.

PNW Immigration Task Force

Building a movement for churches and communities building just and humane relationships with immigrants.

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Conference Immigration Task Force is threefold:

  • To assess current needs and issues for the Immigrant community.
  • To advocate for Immigration reform, fair and just treatment, for all.
  • To educate local congregations on Immigration issues and foster better understanding of, and relationships between, existing congregations and persons within their communities who represent immigrant families.

To meet these mission goals we hope to take the following actions:

  • Be in touch with individuals, congregations and other resources for information on immigrant issues and needs.
  • Support the Dream Act and other legislative immigration initiatives.
  • Help congregations with resources and assistance in reaching out to neighbors who may be different from the current majority membership.

Have a story to tell about what your congregation is doing in immigration ministry?

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